“Seo Jin-young ↔ Lee Hae-eun Trade.” The reason why director Kim Do-wan of Hana Q wanted Seo Jin-young

On the 16th, Bucheon Hana OneQ and Incheon Shinhan Bank conducted a one-on-one trade to exchange Lee Ha-eun and Seo Jin-young.

Lee, who was selected by Hana One Q as the third pick in the first round at the 2015 recruitment committee, played only in the Hana One Q league, but her position gradually declined due to lack of competition to become a starting member. She played only 6 minutes and 28 seconds on average in 16 games last season. Her overall record was 2.7 points and 1.4 rebounds for an average of 7 minutes and 56 seconds in 136 games.마카오카지노주소

“Ha Eun is working hard, but it was not a situation that could give her a chance. If there is a team that can get more opportunities, I think it would be better to go,” manager Kim Do-wan said.

Seo Jin-young, a graduate of Sunil Girls’ High School, was nominated by Shinhan Bank as the fourth player in the second round at the 2023-2024 Rookie of the Year competition. She did not play her debut game due to an ankle injury, but she was highly evaluated for her potential by participating in the 2022 FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup. Coach Kim Do-wan has also been watching Seo since his childhood at Sunil Girls’ High School.

“Seo had been interested in Jin-young even before the draft. I had a different conversation with Gunathan before the season, and we even talked about this, but at that time, we talked about it in a two-to-two trade. Due to the delay, the two-to-two didn’t go well, and now we have to trade,” manager Kim Do-wan explained the background.

As he has an ankle injury, it is difficult for him to play right away. However, he is expected to play his debut game within this season as his injury condition is not serious. He joined the team on Wednesday and watched the game against Asan Woori Bank on Tuesday from the bench. “I didn’t bring Jin-young in with the intention of putting him in the team, but I wanted to have a big man to match as (Jeong) Yerim is preparing for the team’s lineup little by little,” manager Kim Do-wan said.

“When I saw you do it in your first year of high school, I thought that if you continue to grow, you will be able to do very well. In fact, I experienced a period of stagnation in my second and third grades, so there were question marks at the time of the draft. Still, you have good basic skills, and you have good height or wingspan. If you trim a little bit, build your body well, and instill confidence, I thought you would do something. If you look at it, you are good at keeping the ball. You also use both right and left hands well. At that time, it could have been because there was no player with good height in the opponent, but now that I am a pro, I am thinking of raising it well and raising it as a center for the future of Hana Q. Coach Kim Ik-gyeom also explained Seo Jin-young’s strengths, saying, “I am looking forward to it because I have judged the possibility enough.”

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