“The worst graduation match” Gubo said, “Korea-Japan match in the round of 16? I bet against Indonesia.”

Japan’s Takefusa Kubo (23, Real Sociedad), known as Lee Kang-in (23, Paris Saint-Germain)’s best friend, expressed his complicated feelings of crushing defeat in the Iraq match.

The Japanese national soccer team, led by head coach Moriyasu Hajime, lost 1-2 against Iraq in the second Group D match of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup at Alaiyan Education City Stadium in Qatar on the 19th.

Japan obviously lost to Iraq based on its strong performance. Iraq displayed outstanding performance based on fast speed and physique superior to Japan. Notably, it actively utilized striker Hussein Aymen who is 188 centimeters tall to break down Japan’s defense line.

Japan allowed the first goal just five minutes after the start of the first half. Iraq shook Japan’s net and took a 1-0 lead when Hussein Aymen finished Ali Jasim’s cross with a header.

Japan launched a counterattack after losing the point, but failed to penetrate Iraq’s defense. Rather, the defense was shaken by Iraq’s side breakthrough in the extra time of the first half, and he dedicated another goal to Hussein Aymen.

Due to its defeat against Iraq, Japan’s A-match winning streak, which had been continuing since its warm-up match with El Salvador in June last year, has stopped at 10 games. It is the first time in 42 years that Japan lost to Iraq since the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi.

Japan fell to second place in Group D due to its defeat against Iraq. It beat Vietnam 4-2 on the 14th, but was caught by Iraq, making it impossible to advance to the round of 16 as the top of the group even if it wins the final group match against Indonesia on the 24th.

In particular, Japan was in a situation where it could not win Group D as Indonesia beat Vietnam 1-0 in the other Group D match that followed. Iraq was confirmed to be ranked first in Group D regardless of the results of the last group match against Vietnam.

Currently, Iraq ranks first in Group D with two wins (six points), while Japan and Indonesia rank second and third, respectively, with Japan +1 and Indonesia -1 in terms of gains and losses. Vietnam ranks fourth with two losses.

AFC-hosted competitions determine the ranking of multiple teams with the same points in the group league, and the principle of winning the points and winners will be determined first. Even if Japan wins Indonesia to secure six points, Iraq’s No. 1 ranking in Group D will not change.

The two final games of Group D, which will be held on the 24th, are Iraq-Vietnam, Japan-Indonesia. Even if Iraq loses to Vietnam and has six points, it is ahead of Japan and Indonesia. Even if any team wins the match between Japan and Indonesia and ties with Iraq with six points, it will fall behind in the winner’s winning principle.

If Japan advances to the round of 16 as the second-ranked player in Group D, it will face off against the first-ranked player in Group E. If Korea, which is currently ranking second in Group E, defeats Jordan on Tuesday, it will confirm the top spot in Group E, and hence the “Korea-Japan War,” the most successful Asian Cup, will take place starting from the round of 16 tournament.랭크카지노

Korea and Japan recently clashed on the Asian Cup stage in Qatar in 2011. The Korean national team, led by coach Cho Kwang-rae, fought against Japan 2-2 until the first and second half of extra time and lost 0-3 in the penalty shootout. This was the last A match for Korean soccer legend Park Ji-sung.

Japan needs to win Indonesia first. If the team ties, it will be able to overtake Indonesia to secure the second place in Group D, but Japan’s performance at this Asian Cup is not very good.

Japan’s overall performance was not well-received even though it beat Vietnam 4-2 on the 14th. Goalkeeper Suzuki Gaion exposed anxiety several times and his defense was far from solid.

In the match against Iraq, Japan had difficulties due to rapid counterattacks and overwhelming physical pressure. Japan barely managed to recover one goal in extra time in the second half, but failed to bring the game to square one and knelt down.

Kubo, who started at the match against Iraq, failed to display stellar performance until he was replaced in the 16th minute of the second half. In the A match against Germany in September last year, he showed two assists with dribbling and passing, driving Japan’s 4-1 victory.

In particular, 21 interceptions (turnovers) were reported, indicating that there was no presence in Iraq’s close defense.

Kubo said, “For now, the Japanese national team should focus more on the last match against Indonesia than on the round of 16 tournament.” The Japanese government intends to put aside thoughts on the Korea-Japan match for a while.

The Japanese media “Saker Digest Web” reported the interview with Gubo after the Iraq match. When asked about the possibility of facing South Korea in the round of 16, Gubo said, “When I think about playing against South Korea, I get stranded in the match against Indonesia,” adding, “First of all, I want to focus on the match against Indonesia.”

“I don’t know what will happen in this competition. First of all, I’ll bet everything on the third game,” he said.

Kubo made his J1 League debut in 2018 at the age of 17 years, 2 months and 22 days with Yokohama Marinos. In 2019, he moved to Real Madrid, the most prestigious Spanish Primera Liga, and became a top prospect in Japanese soccer.

After entering the Spanish stage, he went through rentals for Villarreal CF and Getafe CF starting with RCD Mallorca, and completely transferred to Real Sociedad in July 2022 and is still active. In the 2022-2023 season, he has fully established himself as the mainstay of Real Sociedad with nine points and four assists in 35 La Liga games and five points and one assist in seven games this season.

He is well known as a best friend of Lee Kang-in, who was born in 2001. After joining the Valencia CF Youth Team in La Liga in 2011, Lee successfully made his debut in the first division in 2018. He played for RCD Mallorca from 2021 to 2023, and moved to Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most prestigious in the French Ligue 1, last summer, drawing attention.

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