Yang Hong-seok’s pledge, “I’ll repay the support of Changwon fans, the team that got four All-Stars selected.”

Changwon LG Sakers won 101-95 in the 2023-2024 regular basketball game against the Busan KCC Egis at Busan Sajik Gymnasium on the 19th.

It was a game where Yang Hong-seok (20 points) showed off his performance. Yang Hong-seok led his team to victory by scoring five consecutive points. It was all the more valuable because he won the game without Asem Maray.라바카지노도메인

“To be honest, I thought everyone would have a tough game, but the result was so good. Still, everyone did well, but I felt that Asem Maray was absent,” Yang said.

As for his stellar performance in the match, he said, “I have an expectation for the team to do well, so I think I should do well. I wanted to repay the fans.”

Yang had a fierce matchup with Choi throughout the game. Choi also achieved a double-double on the day, leading to a tight showdown between top forwards.

“He is the best forward. I thought he wanted to emulate me when I was in school. It was tough because he was powerful and good not only in scoring but also in all aspects,” Yang said.

LG spent the rest of its time without a foreign player, with even Juan Tello missing five fouls in the fourth quarter.

“Still, Alize Johnson and (Choi) Jun-yong came out and thought it was worth a try. It wasn’t that there was a heavyweight big man type of player, but I didn’t feel at a disadvantage,” Yang Hong-seok said.

Despite the away game, many LG fans visited the Busan Sajik Gymnasium. The game was held close to Changwon, LG’s hometown. Yang played in Busan for the first time since his KT days.

“I’m grateful that many fans came. I think it’s a solo hell effect. Whenever (Lee) Kwan-hee passes by, people around me cheer as if a big star passes by. As four All-Stars were selected, I feel that Changwon fans’ interest and love are tremendous. They cheered so much that I thought they were coming home after scoring a shot at the end. I’ll play with responsibility after receiving such support,” Yang said.

In addition, he said, “I asked if the goalposts changed from the KT game, but they said it didn’t change. I think I had the effect of practicing shooting a lot when I was with KT today. That’s why I felt more familiar with the goalposts.”

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