Shiffrin Wins World Cup Alpine Ski Rotation… to 100th overall -5

“Ski Empress” Mikaila Shiffrin (29, USA) won the International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine World Cup and achieved 95 wins in her career.

Shiffrin won the 2023-2024 FIS Alpine World Cup women’s slalom in Yasna, Slovakia on Monday with a combined time of 1:48.21 in the first and second races.마카오카지노주소

Shiffrin recorded his seventh win of the season and his 95th career victory, taking one step further toward the 100th victory of the Alpine World Cup.

He holds the record for the most wins in both men and women’s World Cups. The record for the most wins in men’s category is 86 wins for Ingmar Stenmark of Sweden.

As strong rival Petra Blova (Slovakia) injured her right knee during the match the previous day and it became difficult to play the rest of the season, Shiffrin’s speed to achieve 100 wins in the Alpine World Cup is expected to accelerate.

In this season’s World Cup, there are three rotational games in which Shiffrin is strong and four tournament games left.

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