U.S. Women’s College Basketball Star Collides With Opposition Crowds

University of Iowa point guard Kaitlyn Clark (21), one of the top stars of women’s college basketball in the U.S., faced a dizzying situation.

Local media, including “ESPN,” introduced Clark’s experience during an away game against Ohio State University on the 22nd (Korea time).

The University of Iowa, ranked second, lost 92-100 to Ohio State University.

Excited fans of Ohio State University flocked to the court to enjoy the victory as seen in any U.S. college basketball game when their cheering team succeeded in the upsets.

In the process, a fan collided head-on with Clark, who was leaving the court.

According to a video posted on social media, the fan, who was larger in physique, got up quickly, but Clark seemed unable to wake up in shock for a while.

Stadium security personnel and teammates were seen surrounding him in a hurry to check the condition.

Fortunately, he avoided major injuries. In an interview with local media after the match, Clarke described the situation as a “scary situation” at the time, saying he felt “stunned” and “was blind for a moment” right after the collision.라바카지노도메인

“I saw people flocking to the court. It was completely unproblematic. It was a good thing for students from the other school and a great victory for that team,” he said, adding that there was no problem with fans flocking to the court.

University of Iowa coach Lisa Blooder, who was surprised, said firmly, “It shouldn’t happen.”

“Our guys have to be able to get off the court in a safe situation. It’s very disappointing. Ohio State is a good team and in a good environment, but it’s very disappointing that our guys got hurt off the court. It’s wrong,” he said.

The opposite school, Ohio State, was attended by sports director Gene Smith, who is in charge of running the school’s athletic department, and expressed his apology to Clark.

Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff also said, “He showed a fantastic performance today and he is a really good player. This should not have happened,” and began the post-match press conference with an apology to his opponent.

Clark ranks first in scoring (31 points) and second in assists (7.7 points) in the U.S. women’s college basketball this season.

He was named the AP’s Player of the Year last season and contributed to the U.S. winning the FIBA U-19 Women’s World Cup twice (2019, 2021).

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