Why did the parents of Baejae High School’s athletic department kneel in front of the principal

There is a controversy over the recent decision of Baejae High School, “Myeongmun History,” not to renew all four directors of the elite athletic department on campus.

Baejae High School, located in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, is a prestigious private high school that boasts history and tradition that opened in 1885.헤라카지노도메인

Rugby players posed in front of the cheering squad after an exhibition game for the 1955 Boin Commercial High School and Bae Jae-yong National Sports Festival. You can see how important Bae Jae-jae has played in the modern and contemporary history of Korean sports. Photograph | Korea American Football Association

To sum up Sports Seoul’s coverage, Bae Jae-jae decided not to renew his contract with all the coaches of the school’s sports departments, baseball, soccer and rugby, and notified them collectively on the 4th. The basketball department also replaced the coach in September in the form of voluntary resignation, and decided to hire a new leader instead of the coach who led the team as an acting coach.

Baseball team manager Bae Jae-jae has trained outstanding players in Bae Jae-jae over the past decade, and soccer team manager also spent 23 years as a leader in Bae Jae-jae.

The school was destroyed by the notice of the replacement of the four command towers of the athletic department. Photograph | Getty Images.

The school said, “All coaches failed to renew their contracts because their work performance did not exceed the benchmark of 60 points.” However, according to Sports Seoul’s findings, the school reportedly used the performance of coaches as the basis for their work performance in winter training.

The prevailing interpretation is that it ignores the practice of having prospective students participate in winter training with the consent of students and parents due to the nature of Baejae, which has difficulty in supplying and receiving athletes.

The timing of dismissal is also not coincidental. During off-season training, the coach informed him that he could not sign a contract. Some coaches said they would not return to school due to their pride, while others said they could not resign in disgrace, vowing not to file a lawsuit.

Bae Jae-jae is the birthplace of many star players. Lee Young-min is the most famous player in baseball, former LG pitcher Ha Ki-ryong (MBC) Kim Tae-won, outfielder Noh Chan-yeop, and former KIA infielder Park Ki-nam. Active players include KT Kim Min-hyuk, NC Kim Han-byeol, and LG Kim Sung-woo. Bae Jae-jae consistently produces players who join professional teams every year.

In soccer, there are many former national team players such as Song Jong-guk, Cha Du-ri and Cho Won-hee. Rugby is truly the best school in Korea.

Song Jong-guk, who is holding a launching ceremony for his fan club, “COOKIE,” at his alma mater’s Baejae Auditorium in Seoul, sits down with fans in the audience to unwind before going on stage. Photograph | Sports Seoul DB

As a traditional prestigious private school that has produced numerous stars, parents and students have great respect and trust for the athletic team leader. In the meantime, all four directors leave school, causing great confusion among sports students.

He has to complete registration as a leader in February and start the new season, but he lost all of his coaches due to the unilateral decision of the school. The coaches who used to follow the coaches have declared that they would not work unless they were with the coaches.

“Last week, parents visited the school principal and begged him to return to work. But he doesn’t even pretend to hear it,” Yoon Dae-in, the parents of Bae Jae-jae’s emergency committee, said in a telephone interview with Sports Seoul. “I found out that the parents didn’t accept his practice and forcefully criticized him.”

Parents who go to principal Bae Jae-jae and kneel down and plead for the director’s reinstatement. Photo | Bae Jae-jae Emergency Committee.

“When I decided to replace the coach, I unilaterally informed alumni associations and others that I could not renew my contract without even a single word of discussion,” Yoon said. “I heard that they will announce the recruitment of new leaders soon. When will they recruit new leaders for winter training? I asked them to postpone the decision, but they don’t even pretend as if they heard it.”

If you look at the case law related to the refusal of renewal, there is a phrase that says, “The refusal of a fixed-term worker to renew a labor contract due to the expiration of the contract is not an unfair dismissal (the Supreme Court 2011Doo17745), but if the labor contract is renewed or repeated several times, the right to expect renewal is recognized (the Supreme Court 2009Doo2665).”

The school sports department leader falls under Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Fixed-Term Act, but if the contract is renewed through annual evaluation, the right to renew the contract can be recognized.

All three other athletic directors, including the baseball team manager, have received excellent performances in job evaluations over the past few years.

However, she lost her job for a long time after the inauguration of the new principal, Lee Hyo-joon, who is also an alumnus of the school, in March last year. The school has repeatedly said, “I gave grades according to the evaluation criteria of the Ministry of Education.”

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