“Even if it’s because of marketing,” we have to play the opening game in Seoul… Why is MLB nervous about Kim Ha-sung’s trade rumors

Trade for San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung (29) is expected to be put on hold until at least the opening game in Seoul.헤라카지노주소

The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local media outlet in San Diego, mentioned Kim Ha-sung in a section dealing with players who will be included in the 40-man roster in 2024 on the 23rd (Korea time).

Kim Ha-sung, who had a batting average of 26617 homers, 60 RBIs, 84 runs scored, and 38 steals in 152 games last year, served as the team’s housekeeper by going back and forth across the infield, including second, third, and shortstop. Looking back on Kim Ha-sung’s last year, the media presented the outlook for this year.

The media emphasized the defensive value, saying, “Kim Ha-sung is the first among the second basemen in the National League with 8.3 points and the seventh highest among all defenders in the league.” According to Sports Info Solution, Kim Ha-sung won the Gold Glove in the National League utility category and recorded +16 run saves, 11th overall in the positions of second, third and shortstop.

While reviewing last season, he said, “Kim Ha-sung, who has become a fan favorite since he left Korea in 2021, has developed every year in the Major League. His OPS was only .622 as a part-time player when he was a rookie, but he performed close to Gold Glove in 2022 and jumped to .708. Last year, he switched from shortstop to second base and received his first Gold Glove as he hit .749 OPS.”

“His OPS reached .841 until August 5, which was the best time for him in San Diego. Although he was not invited to the All-Star list, he had five homers in 24 games in July, a batting average of 337, and a slugging percentage of .551. In the last month of the season, his OPS dropped to .471, and he was excluded from the lineup for several days due to abdominal pain,” he said. “He hit his first grand slam on August 22, the most among San Diego players since Evers Cabrera’s 44th base in 2012, and is ranked fifth in the National League with 38 steals. Since Fernando Tatis Jr. in 2021, he has become a player with 20 steals and 20 long hits,” he said, highlighting his aggressive value.

In addition to the Gold Glove, he/she was nominated for San Diego’s “Heart and Hustle Player” and ranked 14th in the National League MVP vote, reiterating Kim Ha-sung’s splendid 2023 performance.

Trade and rumors were not missing in the 2024 outlook. Kim Ha-sung signed a four-year, $28 million contract when he entered the Major League in 2021. This year is the last year of a four-year contract and the annual salary is $8 million. There is a mutual option clause regarding the 2025 contract, but Kim Ha-sung’s value currently exceeds $100 million. The contract can be extended only when both sides agree, but Kim Ha-sung’s side is likely to choose to become an FA without invoking it.

On the 11th, Dennis Lin, a reporter in charge of ‘The Athletic’ San Diego, said of Kim Ha-sung, “The only notable competitor among the upcoming FA shortstop is Willy Adames (28, Milwaukee Brewers). If San Diego signs an unexpected extension contract with Kim Ha-sung before the season, it will be guaranteed between $130 million and $150 million for seven years, including 2024. It is worth up to KRW 201 billion in our money.”

For San Diego, there is no trade card like Kim Ha-sung, who entered the last year of the contract at a time when there were restrictions on the mobilization of funds. In fact, after the end of last year’s season, trade rumors have been steadily flowing out regarding Kim Ha-sung. However, trade negotiations did not go smoothly as San Diego placed a high value on Kim Ha-sung. For San Diego, trading Kim Ha-sung could fill more positions that the team lacked, but he could not make a decision because he needed Kim Ha-sung in reality.

“The San Diego Union-Tribune” concluded that it would not trade until the MLB World Tour at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from March 21st to 22nd. “Since Kim Ha-sung is the last season of his contract and San Diego has expressed its willingness to keep the total amount of his team’s annual salary, topics related to Kim Ha-sung’s trade and contract extension became the subject of discussion after the season,” the media said. “However, the Major League Baseball secretariat will place Kim Ha-sung, the most popular player in the U.S., in the center in the Seoul opening game against the Dodgers, so he will hope to remain in San Diego for marketing purposes.”

The prospects of other media were similar. However, it is not easy to sign an extension contract. On the 16th, MLB.com reported, “The Padres have a productive, fan-loved player who will return to second base in 2024. Kim Ha-sung likes to play for San Diego. San Diego loves him, too. It seems simple, but it is not simple.”

“Kim Ha-sung, one of the most important and loved players in the team, but despite his status, there are many question marks after 2024,” he said, adding that there will be various variables in his future due to the composition of the team between Kim Ha-sung and San Diego.

MLB.com said, “Kim Ha-sung and the Padres have a $10 million mutual option in 2025, which is unlikely considering Kim Ha-sung’s production level over the past two seasons. As a result, Kim Ha-sung, who just turned 29, will come to the market next winter as one of the most productive central infields in the Major League,” predicting that the mutual option will not be implemented.

Nevertheless, referring to practical difficulties, MLB.com said, “Kim Ha-sung’s trade is not simple. Trade can cost a lot of money.

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