“I respect director Tom Thibodeau.” Bruce Brown’s next stop in New York?

Bruce Brown’s chances of joining New York are growing little by little.

Jared Schwartz, a reporter for the “New York Post,” reported on the 21st (Korean time) that Bruce Brown of the Toronto Raptors mentioned director Thibodeau.라바카지노도메인

Brown, who moved to Toronto through a trade on the 18th, is expected to move his team once more through an additional trade before the trade deadline comes.

Many teams including the Lakers are targeting Brown, but one is rapidly emerging as his new destination. New York has recently strengthened its power by recruiting OG Anubi.

New York, which has several high-quality wing resources such as Dante DiVinchenzo, Josh Hart and Anunobi, is trying to further increase the power of the rotation by recruiting Brown.

Brown said he had considered joining New York positively before signing a contract with Indiana. “I love New York. I didn’t really like it until I lived here, but I fell in love with New York as soon as I moved in. It’s a place where I can do anything I want. It’s a great city with a lot of good restaurants.”

Brown then referred to Tom Thibodeau, the head coach of New York.

“I’m a player who works really hard in both offense and defense. I think I’m the type of player that coach Tom Thibodeau wants. I can do anything that he wants me to do,” Brown said. “I go and say hello to him whenever I face the team he’s in charge of. It’s because I respect what he’s done in the past.”

Toronto wants one future first-round pick and a promising young player in return for Brown’s benefits. Will Brown be able to play the court under Thibodeau?

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