0.52% → 0%… Chinese soccer’s round of 16, collapsed in 20 hours

There was no “Miracle in Chinese Soccer” that challenged the probability of 0.52 percent. It collapsed in just 20 hours.

The scenario in which China could advance to the round of 16 was abandoned before long.

Syria beat India 1-0. In the third Group B match of the 2023 Asian Cup Qatar held at Alkor Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar on Sunday (Korea time), the Syrian national soccer team led by Hector Kupper won the match 1-0, with striker Omar Cribin firing a fierce right-footed final shot at the 31st minute of the second half.

The two teams’ matches were at stake for the third place in Group B. In addition, it was also a game that determined whether China would advance to the round of 16.

Currently, Syria is third in Group B with one point and India is at the bottom of Group B with zero points. The team that wins this match will unconditionally be confirmed to be at least third in the group, and Syria was finishing the group stage in third place even if it tied.

Some countries were paying as much attention to the outcome of this match as their fans in Syria and India. It was China. China’s fate depended on the match. China, which was included in Group A, tied 0-0 with Tajikistan and Lebanon in succession, and lost 0-1 in their third group match with Qatar, confirming its third place with two draws and one loss.

It was a terrible scoreless performance, but the door to advancing to the round of 16 was not closed at all. China has an open possibility to advance to the round of 16 depending on the performances of the third-ranked teams in other groups.

The number of cases was a bit complicated. It started with the exception of Group D, Group E, and Group F. Indonesia, ranking third in Group D, and Bahrain, ranking third in Group E, will end their group league with three points, higher than China (two points), even if they lose their third match. Oman, ranking third in Group F, is the first in points, but it is also ahead of China in multiple points even when it ties with Kyrgyzstan in the third match. If Kyrgyzstan wins, it will rank third with three points.

In the end, China paid attention to the results of Group B and Group C. In order for China to advance to the round of 16, it had to perform better than the third place in Group B and C.

Both Group B and Group C final matches had to start on the premise that they ended 0-0.

Since China and Syria had the same goal difference before the Syria-India match, if Syria scored, China would be losing in multiple points. After the match ends with a 0-0 draw, the rankings are determined through fair play. China has two yellow cards and Syria has one. China had to pray for the end of the match 0-0 with Syria receiving more than one warning in the match between Syria and India.

Even if China beat Syria, there was one more gateway.

That’s because they had to watch Group C as well. If the third-ranked Palestine ties with Hong Kong in the third round, China could lead the Palestinians in goal difference. However, if one of the teams wins, be it Hong Kong or Palestine, its advance to the round of 16 strongest teams in China will be over.월카지노도메인

In the end, if China scored in the final Group B match, China would be eliminated from the group stage, but Syria did this in the middle of the second half.

Syria, which had been pushing India in the second half, made it 1-0 when Cribin shot a right footed shot from the left side of the penalty area in the 31st minute of the second half. It was a moment when the hopes of Chinese soccer were falling apart.

The match ended in Syria’s 1-0 victory.

In the final Group C match that followed, Palestine defeated Hong Kong 3-0 and also recorded one win, one draw, and one loss, ranking third in Group C, ahead of China. It turned out that Chinese soccer’s expectations, which had put their hopes on the results of Group B and Group C, were futile dreams.

The last time China was eliminated from the group stage of the Asian Cup was in Qatar in 2011. However, 16 countries advanced to the finals at that time, and only the first and second places in each group were allowed to participate in the quarterfinals. It was much more difficult than now, when 24 countries participated, and 16 teams, two-thirds of them, went to the tournament.

Since then, China has advanced to the quarterfinals at the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia and the 2019 Asian Cup in the UAE. However, at this year’s Asian Cup, China has displayed its disappointing performance even though it was the worst event ever.

The defense, which gave up only one goal in three games, was observed, but the problem was attack. China finished the first and second games without allowing any points, and the loss to Qatar in the third game was also an untouchable “wonder goal.”

However, the team failed to display sharpness in offense throughout the three matches. Chinese strikers, including leading Chinese star Wu Lei, repeatedly lost opportunities and bowed their heads. Notably, Wu Lei, who played for Espanyol in Spain’s La Liga, was substituted in the middle of the second half due to poor decision-making ability, missing a shot 2-3 meters in front of the goal line in the match against Lebanon in the second leg, failing to contribute to China’s offense. One-top Tanlung in the first round and one-top Zhang Winning in the second round were also sluggish as if they had promised. From Jankovic’s point of view, the team failed to identify strikers and re-appointed the two strikers who had already failed in the international arena.

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