Pro unknown name → The club’s ‘first’…’5 years and 10 billion won’ Ko Young-pyo blooms late and is more beautiful

When he was a third grader at Hwasun High School, Ko Young-pyo struggled hard. He applied for the rookie draft but failed to receive a designation from a professional team. He went on to Dongguk University and improved his skills. He showed remarkable growth and became one of the best right-handed sidearm pitchers. He finally caught the eye of a pro. In 2014, he was selected by the new KT Wiz as the 10th choice in the second round of the first round. He became the founding member of KT.

His professional career was higher than expected. He joined the main league for the first time in 2015 with KT. He played as a pursuit group and long relief pitcher in the middle of the game, recording three wins, four losses and an ERA of 5.68 in 57 innings in 46 games. In 2016, he had two wins, four losses and an ERA of 5.59 in 56 ⅓ innings in 53 games. He lacked stability due to fluctuations in each game. He also suffered elbow pain during the season.

He transformed into a starting pitcher in 2017. He earned eight wins, 12 losses and one hold with an ERA of 5.08 in 141 ⅔ innings in 25 games. He garnered his first shutout victory as an individual, and demonstrated his ability to handle innings to some extent. He also hinted at his potential as a starting pitcher. He finished the season a little earlier due to right shoulder inflammation, with only a few steps left until the regulation innings (144 innings).

In 2018, he garnered six wins, nine losses, and an earned run average of 5.13 in 142 innings in 25 games. Again, he was held back by his waist disc with only two innings left until the regulation inning. He decided to join the military while swallowing regret. He started his military service as a social service worker.

The turning point in Ko Young-pyo’s baseball career was in 2021, when he returned after being discharged from the military. In the same year, he showed 11 wins, 6 losses and an ERA of 2.92 in 166 ⅔ in 26 games. He achieved the prescribed innings for the first time since his debut, and accumulated double-digit wins. He ranked third in ERA in the league, tied for first in quality starts (QS, starting pitchers with more than six innings and less than three earned runs), and first in on-base percentage (WHIP) per inning (1.04).

KT has finished the regular season No. 1 thanks to Ko’s stellar performance. It also beat Doosan Bears to rise to the top in the Korean Series. Ko Young-pyo, the founding member of the team, enjoyed his team’s first unified win. He acquired the winning ring.

He also joined the national adult team for the first time in 2021. Ko Young-pyo made the roster for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He performed his part by allowing six hits, one walk, seven strikeouts and two runs in five innings as a starter in the semifinal against Japan.헤라카지노주소

In 2022, he held out well with 13 wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 3.26 in 182 ⅓ in 28 games. He garnered the most individual wins in a single season. He tied for fourth in league wins and tied for fourth in QS (21 times).

He shone all the time last year. He boasted 12 wins, 7 losses and an earned run average of 2.78 in 174 ⅔ innings in 28 games. He has achieved double-digit wins for three consecutive years. He ranked sixth in ERA in the league, tied for fifth in WHIP (1.15), and tied for second in QS (21 innings). Quality Start Plus (QS+, starting pitcher with seven innings or more and three earned runs or less) overwhelmingly ranked first in the 17th inning. It easily beat runner-up David Buchanan of the Samsung Lions in 12 innings.

He pitched six ⅓ to rank No. 1 overall in innings pitched per game. He allowed only 19 walks in a single season. He was the smallest among starting pitchers in the league. Won Tae-in came in second with 34 walks. He allowed only 0.98 walks per nine innings. He was the only one who maintained the zero point range. Raul Alcantara came in second with 1.64.

Before the opening of the 2023 season, he was selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team and succeeded in completing the season safely despite lifting his body early to compete.

KT Wiz pitcher Ko Young-pyo is on board the 2020 Tokyo Olympics national team and is pitching while training in Korea. KT pushed for a non-FA multi-year contract with Ko Young-pyo after the end of the 2023 season. A five-year, 10 billion won contract is likely. X-Sports News DB

Another glimmer of honor has come upon Ko. After the 2023 season, KT proposed a multi-year contract with a non-FA (free agency). It was a move to keep Ko Young-pyo, who will become an FA after the 2024 season ends. The two sides agreed on a five-year contract. They are coordinating details regarding the amount. Chances are high that the five-year, 10-billion won contract will be completed. Ko will be KT’s first non-FA multi-year contract and the main character of the 10-billion won contract.

“Ko Young-pyo is a franchise star and iconic player of KT. This year marks the 10th anniversary of his debut. The club has decided to proactively pursue multi-year contracts,” a KT source said. “He is the best player. He is a valuable starting pitcher as an ‘inning player’ who can handle many innings.”

“He is very sincere and sets an example for other players as well. He is a player who I want to be with until the end and I want to portray the future with him,” he said. “I think I can play until I am 40 because I am thorough in my physical condition. I have faith in him.”

From a high school student who was not nominated for a professional competition, to a starting ace of the team, to a national team member, to a hero in the club’s first history, Ko’s drama is all the more dramatic because it was not smooth.

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