Reproduction of the match between Korea and Portugal… Bento’s UAE ’93rd minute theater goal’ went straight to the round of 16 dramatically as second in the group, although losing 1-2 to Iran

Paulo Bento, who led South Korea to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, has elevated the United Arab Emirates to the Asian Cup tournament.랭크카지노

UAE kneeled 1-2 against Iran in the third Group C match of the 2023 Asian Cup Qatar at Alaiyan Education City Stadium in Qatar on the 24th (Korea time).

Despite the defeat, however, the UAE advanced to the round of 16 by ranking second in its group with four points. It will play against Tajikistan, ranking second in Group A. The UAE beat Hong Kong 3-1 in its first match, and then tied Palestine 1-1 in its second match, and played in its third match on the same day.

The UAE made it to the round of 16 was interesting. At the same time, Palestine beat Hong Kong 3-0 in a Group C match in Doha, accumulating four points, the same as the UAE.

In this tournament, if the points are equal, the rankings are determined according to the winner’s win, difference in gains and losses, and score in fair play. As the UAE was tied 1-1 with Palestine, the difference in gains and losses had to be determined when the points were tied. The UAE was losing 0-2 to Iran, but Palestine scored its third goal at the 60th minute in the second half to stack up the gap with UAE. As a result, Palestine, which was ahead in the score in fair play, brought down the UAE and moved up to second in Group C.

However, things changed in the extra time of the second half when 13 minutes were given. In the second half of the extra time, UAE shook Iran’s net. UAE made the margin of gain and loss from 0 to +1, pushing Palestine back to second place.

In this year’s event, the top four teams will advance to the round of 16 after ranking the top two teams in each group. As the third-ranked team had four points at the top of the competition, it was certain that the UAE would advance to the round of 16 as the third-ranked team even if it lost the match.

However, it is meaningful that the opponent team for the round of 16 teams has changed. The third-ranked team in Group C will meet either Australia, the No. 1 player in Group B, or Qatar, the host country that passed Group A as the No. 1 ranking. Both teams are considered favorites to win this year’s event. On the other hand, Tajikistan, where the second-ranked team in Group C will meet, will hold its first preliminary match.

The game was also interesting to see Bento’s situation. Bento was sent off while protesting against the referee in the second match against Palestine, so he watched the game from the stands, not from the bench. Coincidentally, he was sent off against Ghana at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, so he watched the match against Portugal from the stands.

However, Education City Stadium was the venue for the match against Portugal. At that time, Korea beat Portugal 2-1 thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s come-from-behind goal in extra time in the second half to reach the round of 16. The match was held on the same day with similar location and situation.

At an official press conference held at the main media center (MMC) in Doha on Tuesday, a day before the match, Bento said, “The last match against Palestine was a difficult one. Notably, I played without a single player since I was sent off. Of course, it will be a different match this time. I have prepared a strategy to deal with a very, very good team.”

“Iran is the strongest team in our group. I think it is also one of the strongest teams in Asia. Tomorrow will be a difficult game. But I want to reach our goal as much as possible.”

When asked to evaluate Iran’s capabilities over the past four to five years, he said, “As I mentioned earlier, Iran is a very good team. I had the opportunity to play against Iran three times in the last four to five years. It was an official match, two friendly matches and one. Iran has a lot of very good players and veterans. Some players are playing at high level,” he said. “We have to play very well in various aspects. To produce good results and reach our goal, we have to fight really well against Iran. We have to be humble at some moments. I will fight for three points.”

Lastly, “We just go step by step, each game. Of course, I know what fans and media expect. But I can’t control them. How many times have we won? Never. What I expect is that the players show the best performance,” he stressed.

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