“Waiting”…Cruel Bauer Can Remain in Japan After Public Apology

Yokohama DeNA BayStars coach Daisuke Miura has opened his mouth about the signing of Trevor Bauer. The Japanese media Baseball King reported on Sunday that Shota Imanaga of the Chicago Cubs has decided to advance to the Major League. Yokohama’s starting rotation will see a drastic change compared to last year, adding that Miura, who appeared on the Japanese media’s Fuji TV ONE’s Pro Baseball News on a live broadcast, spoke out about Bauer’s future, which he is most curious about.헤라카지노주소

“Bauer is making a comeback to the Major League as his top priority. I think negotiations will start again when the possibility is zero,” Miura said. “That’s why I’m waiting,” he said. “The team made a proposal, but the Major League Baseball is also the top priority for Bauer. The agent is looking for a Major League team.”

Bauer was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks as the third overall pick in the first round of the 2011 draft. After entering the big league for the first time in the 2012 season, Bauer was traded to the Cleveland Indians (currently the Guardians) in 2013. He played only four games in the first season of his transfer, but he started playing in the starting rotation from the 2014 season. He consistently maintained an ERA of around four points through the 2017 season.

Bauer played well in the 2018 season. He recorded an ERA of 2.21 with 221 strikeouts and 66 strikeouts in 28 games (27 starts) with 12 wins, 6 losses and 175 ⅓ innings. He later moved to the Cincinnati Reds in the middle of the 2019 season. After the transfer, he showed signs of faltering performance with 2-5 losses and 6.39 ERA in 10 games, but in the aftermath of COVID-19, he showed tremendous performance with 20 strikeouts and an ERA of 1.73 in 11 games, 5 wins, 4 losses and 73 innings in the 2020 season, which was held for a shortened season, to win the National League Cy Young Award.

Later, Bauer, who became a free agent, signed a three-year, 102 million-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and posted an ERA of 2.59 with 137 strikeouts with eight wins, five losses, 107 ⅔ innings, and 40 walks in 17 games in the 2021 season. However, Bauer was not allowed to take the mound after June. He was mired in sexual assault allegations. The Major League secretariat handed him a suspension of 324 games. After Bauer was acquitted due to insufficient evidence, the disciplinary action was reduced to 194 games, but the Dodgers chose to release him and other teams did not seek him.

Bauer was aiming for Japan. He was wearing the Yokohama DeNA uniform. In the 2023 season, Bauer played in 17 games and recorded eight wins, five losses and a 3.01 ERA. After a successful season, Bauer sought to return to the big leagues. However, the response from North America is cold. “Bauer’s Major League career is over. No one will give him a chance,” said Jim Bowden, a columnist for the U.S. media The Athletic.

Despite knocking on big league doors, Bauer stirred up another controversy when it was difficult to open. U.S. Navy officer Lizzie Alconis was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2021, when she was a member of the U.S. military in Japan. Recently, Alconis was released on parole and returned to the U.S., where Bauer posted on social media, “Welcome Home Ridge!”

Public criticism of Bauer was formed in Japan, and Bauer said on his YouTube channel on the 21st, “I never intended my remarks to cause pain to the Japanese people or their families who lost their loved ones. I deeply apologize,” adding, “I know why the Japanese were hurt. The accident that happened was a terrible tragedy. My heart is with the Japanese bereaved family. They are innocent victims.”

Bauer is at the center of controversy. “It’s something that we can’t control. For now, we have to think about the members who are in the team. When Bauer comes, we have to think about it again,” Miura said. “The outline is set to some extent at the moment, but I don’t think it’s good to just have the stereotype of last year’s performance. I’m going to play in the spring camp with a flexible mind.”

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