“Your form is so pretty. How about 100%?”…Second overall reputation was confirmed, and the inspection was completed ahead of the trip to Australia

Kim Taek-yeon (19, Doosan Bears) held a half pitching at Icheon Bears Park in Gyeonggi Province on the 24th.헤라카지노

Doosan nominated Incheon High School pitcher Kim Taek-yeon as the first-round pick (second overall) in the 2024 Rookie Draft.

He threw fast balls over 150 kilometers per hour, and was evaluated as having stable ball control. While playing 64 ⅓s and innings in 13 games this year, he garnered 97 strikeouts. He excelled in scoring pitches in the strike zone, as he only had 10 pitches in four walks.

Doosan presented Kim Taek-yeon as a gift when he was named. Doosan general manager Kim Tae-ryong did not hide his expectations, saying, “He will grow into Doosan’s stopper (finisher) within two to three years.”

He was a pitcher with high expectations, as he was directly referred to as the “next closer.” Doosan certainly treated Hwang with the same down payment of 350 million won as Hwang Joon-seo, the No. 1 overall pick. “Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-han, who were the winners of the Choi Dong-won Award, received 350 million won (282,000 U.S. dollars). There was a judgment that Kim Taek-yeon was not as good as Hwang Joon-seo,” a Doosan source said at the time.

He also thoroughly managed his physical condition. At the World Youth Baseball Championship held in September last year, Kim overdoed himself by playing five consecutive games. Finally, after a checkup ahead of the final camp, he said that he needed rest.

Amid the “no pitching ban,” Kim had a training session with his team at the end of the closing camp. He could have given them extra time to relax, but let them learn more about their professional atmosphere in the closing camp. “I thought that we need to get to know our seniors and juniors from the closing camp rather than meet them right away on February 1st. I am still good at catching balls, but I let them join me to see how Doosan is feeling,” Lee said at the time.

I left good first impression on him. “He’s a very normal and nice person. I’m still a high school student, but I felt very good about him. I will join next year’s spring camp. I joined the closing camp thinking that I would reduce the adjustment period. It was a good time. All the staff members will prepare for Kim Taek-yeon to show the best performance in a certain position and have a season without injury,” Lee said.

Kim Taek-yeon, who focused on recovery step by step, threw her first half pitching on the 18th. She threw 20 pitches and had no problem with her body.

He had his second half-pitching on Tuesday. In his second pitching, he increased the number of pitches to 30. He has thrown around 80 percent of his power, which is not his best pitching yet.

“It’s too early to make a detailed judgment, as it was still 80 percent of the time,” Cho Woong-cheon, the pitching coach who watched the game, said. “You have to see what you will look like when you pitch 100 percent and face the batter again. However, your pitching form turned out really pretty.”

After two half-pitching sessions, Kim will depart for the Australian spring camp on Tuesday. Among the rookie players, college graduate outfielders Jeon Da-min and Kim Taek-yeon were listed in the first-tier camp.

“I want to see Jeon because he is such a fast player. I want to see him once,” Lee said. “He took good care of me at Futures while recovering. I want to see him once. I won’t force him to do so, but I will allow him to spend some time to adapt himself to the professional environment. I want to see if he has a strong mind to immediately adapt himself to the main league.”

Kim Taek-yeon was also confident in her physical condition. “I focused on throwing strong balls around the zone without overdoing it because I was half-pitching. I tried not to be aware of other things by just looking at the places I was about to throw,” Kim said after pitching. “I feel like I can leave the camp in good physical condition thanks to the good programming by the club during the rookie convocation training period.”

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