Who will be Oh Ji-hwan’s post? “The era of shortstop is coming.”

LG Twins captain Oh Ji-hwan led his team to the championship for the first time in 29 years and had the best year, tasting the joy of winning the first defensive award in the shortstop category and the Golden Glove for two consecutive years.헤라카지노주소

Now, Oh has become one of the best shortstop in the league. He has displayed amazing defense, making highlight cuts in every game. When asked to recruit Oh on a YouTube program, he mentioned the two players. They are Son Ho-young and Lee Young-bin. 

Oh was the first to recruit Son. “He has so much to show. I haven’t had a chance yet, but he is fit and has long-range shots,” Oh said. In fact, at the Arizona Spring Camp before the 2023 season, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop praised Son’s potential and expressed his willingness to deploy him constantly. Son was an all-weather infield resource capable of both second and third base defense, but failed to join the opener due to a hamstring issue and lost his chance to play. After recovering from his injury, however, he has displayed good performance whenever he got an opportunity in the main league. Notably, he garnered high scores through his confident swing without running away from the batter’s box.

Son Ho-young left for the U.S. in 2014 when he signed with the Chicago Cubs of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) while a freshman at Hongik University, but was released in 2017 without much performance. After going through an independent league, he participated in the 2020 rookie draft and started his professional career after receiving the LG nomination. Even when he joined the team, he was immediately evaluated as a powerhouse, but whenever he received the opportunity, his injuries were hampered and he failed to show his ability properly. Oh Ji-hwan, who watched closely, pointed out Son Ho-young as the first post Oh Ji-hwan because he knew Son’s ability better than anyone else.

He also singled out Lee as the most anticipated player. “Lee Young-bin is a player who hits well. He swings confidently unlike a rookie. He has a clear sense of goal and is bold,” he said, being surprised by his batting ability. “Actually, the defense is weak, but if you do it to a certain extent, you can improve like yourself,” he said. “A defense that is pointed out as a weakness can be improved enough through practice.” Lee started playing baseball when he was a seventh grader and is relatively inexperienced compared to other players.

Lee Young-bin, who joined the LG Twins in the professional baseball league in 2021 after graduating from Sego University, showed amazing talent as he could defend shortstop, second baseman, and third baseman under the guidance of coach Ryu Ji-hyun at the time. He was a player who had more talent for batting than defense, but after joining the professional league, his defensive skills improved. Lee Young-bin, who joined the military in January, is currently serving in the military with the Sangmu Baseball Team and will be discharged from the military in July.

Of course, they cannot overcome Oh right away. However, since Oh is 33 years old and needs to slowly adjust his physical stamina, he should seek alternative resources in the long run. Given the heavy physical burden of shortstop position, he needs a solid backup shortstop to maintain his best condition in every game.

In fact, shortstop is the most powerful position in LG, but shortstop is the position that is lacking the most. Ahead of the 2023 season, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Oh Ji-hwan has too many innings,” stressing that he should urgently prepare backup. However, it is different now. Son Ho-young and Lee Young-bin, who Oh admitted are firmly behind him.

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