Kim Jin-soo’s belief is back, “Of course we can win… We are stronger than you worry.”

“Of course you can win. Otherwise there is no reason to stand here.”

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, drew 3-3 with Malaysia in the third Group E match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Alwakra Al-Zanub Stadium in Qatar on the 25th (Korea time).마카오카지노주소

As a result, Korea has secured one win, two draws, and five points to advance to the round of 16 strongest teams in Group E. The opponent team in the round of 16 will be Saudi Arabia, which ranks first in Group F, and will have a showdown at the Alaiyan Education City Stadium at 1 a.m. on Saturday. If it beats Saudi Arabia, it will meet the winner of Australia and Indonesia in the quarterfinals.

Though it avoided losing, it displayed a shameful performance. Korea, which was confident about its potential winner, struggled against Malaysia, which has a gap of more than 100 spots in the FIFA rankings. It struggled under unexpected strong pressure and lost three goals due to sharp counterattacks. Malaysia had no goal in this year’s event.

There is also good news. Kim Jin-soo (32, Jeonbuk Hyundai), who had been sidelined due to calf injury, has returned. He entered the arena as a substitute for Seol Young-woo in the 30th minute of the second half for the first time at this year’s event.

After the match, Kim Jin-su said, “First of all, I’m glad I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t say I would play for a few minutes, but I think I can prepare well for the next game as I play today.”

With Lee Ki-je leaving due to a hamstring problem, the return of a strong veteran Kim Jin-soo can be a big help. Seol Young-woo fought hard between the left and right, but it is true that there were scenes that reminded me of Kim Jin-soo.

Kim Jin-su said, “I know a lot of people say that we need a side defender now, that all the players, including myself, need it. The biggest problem is that Ki-Ji is injured. Everyone knows that I also had an injury, and that anyone, whether it’s Ki-Ji or not, tried to do their best when they went out. There will be only a way to do well in the future,” he said, vowing to play well.

How is his physical condition? “Of course, I have rested for a long time, so I think I should do it now. I didn’t have any pain while running. I think I am still young, so I have been able to recover quickly. It is up to the coach to decide whether he will be selected for the next game. Whether Young-woo gets to the left first or I run first will not be a big problem,” Kim said.

“It’s a tournament now. Defeat is eliminated soon. Everything is important, including performance and game content, but I personally don’t think it is necessary anymore. We need to get results. We were eliminated in the quarterfinals because we scored a goal despite our good performance in the 2019 Asian Cup. We need to bring results now,” Kim said.

Korea was expected to be a strong contender along with Japan, but is faltering as it ties with Jordan and Malaysia. Veteran Kim Jin-su said, “If you make your juniors feel that you are working hard on the field, you will be motivated. That’s what I can do. Of course, I understand that many people are worried. It was the same in 2019 and 2015 as well.”

Kim Jin-su then said, “A lot of people always say I’m a candidate for the championship. However, players are well aware that many people worry about me at the end of every game. I hope that the players do not have any impact on their performance. I think they will show a better performance in every game than they do now,” adding, “Please refrain from criticizing me too much.”

Finally, Kim Jin-su said, “I think I can definitely win. Otherwise, there is no reason to stand here. It is stronger than our team is worried. I think it is medicine for a lot of people to worry about. We have to show how much we have trained on the field. Players want to do more than 100%, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I hope you don’t give up and cheer until the end.”

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