Kim Min-sung, who even dreamed of overseas training as the ‘Twins Next Generation Leader’, returned to his hometown after circling 500 million won for 2 years → 2+1 years and 900 million won for Lotte

Veteran FA infielder Kim Min-sung returned to his former Lotte Giants uniform. Kim Min-sung changed his uniform through sign-and-trade in both FA negotiations. Kim Min-sung even dreamed of overseas training for the “Twins Next Generation Leader,” but he returned to Busan due to Lotte’s big batting.헤라카지노주소

The LG Twins said on January 26 that they signed a contract with free agent player Kim Min-sung for up to three years (2+1 years), a total of 900 million won (200 million won down payment, 500 million won annual salary, and 200 million won option), and made a one-on-one trade to recruit infielder Kim Min-soo from Lotte and send Kim Min-sung.

Kim Min-sung, who was designated as Lotte’s 13th overall in the second round of the second round in 2007, is an infield utility resource capable of playing third and second basemen. After serving as a Heroes, Kim has played for LG since the 2019 season. Kim has posted a batting average of 0.269 (1,406 hits in 5233 times at bat) with 131 homers and 725 RBIs (on-base plus slugging) of 0.740 in 1,696 games through the 2023 season.

Kim Min-soo, who is heading to LG, is a right-handed infielder from Jemulpo High School in Incheon. He entered the professional league at the invitation of Lotte Giants in the second round in 2017, and posted a batting average of 0.240 (106 hits in 441 at bats) with three homers and an OPS of 0.630 in 188 games played in the first division until last year. His overall record in the second division is 0.293 with 37 homers and 163 RBIs in 304 games with an OPS of 0.876.

Regarding Kim Min-soo, the LG club explained the reason why it chose him, “He was a former youth representative and completed military service at the National Police Agency. As an infielder with great strength in batting, I judged him to be a promising player with excellent handling and compliance with throwing ability.”

The team wanted to catch veteran infielder Kim Min-sung, who was born in 1988 when he applied for his second FA qualification. Kim Min-sung played 112 games in the 2023 season and showed rebound with a batting average of 0.249/68 hits/ eight homers/ 41 RBIs. Notably, he supported Oh Ji-hwan’s position at shortstop in the early part of the first half of the season, contributing greatly to the regular season race. After recovering from a thigh injury in the middle of the season, Kim Min-sung played the role of backup for second baseman Shin Min-jae and third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, strengthening the depth.

Kim Min-sung is able to play all infield positions and still has rusty left-handed pitcher sniping and hitting ability. Kim Min-sung, who is thorough in taking care of his body and gaining role as a model for his juniors with warm leadership, is an essential player in the long-term race. Attention was focusing on whether Kim Min-sung, who wants to stay on the team, will be recognized for his contribution to the championship and get the desired result in the second FA contract.

The negotiation table for Kim Min-sung has been longer than expected. There was a sign-and-trade issue in the middle of the negotiations, but the result was not produced due to the situation in the FA market, which is mostly tied to salary cap. With long-term focus on remaining negotiations with LG, the proposed contract for Kim Min-sung is said to be worth around 500 million won (approx.

The key issue in the remaining negotiations for LG was the number of years of leadership, not the amount of money. “The amount LG has proposed to Kim Min-sung based on a two-year contract is effectively set,” a baseball source said recently. “I understand that only the matters to be discussed regarding Kim’s future overseas training for leadership are left.”

Kim Min-sung’s side first proposed to the club to guarantee Kim Min-sung’s training as an overseas leader, which is attracting attention as the next leader. The LG club, which usually paid attention to the growth potential of Kim Min-sung as a leader, also reviewed it positively. If the contents of the overseas leader training were well negotiated, it was highly likely that the negotiations would be completed immediately. However, as a result, the conditions for training the overseas leader at the level that Kim Min-sung wanted did not come out.

Above all, Lotte’s offer was much more attractive than LG. Lotte offered a significantly higher offer of 900 million won for two plus one year than LG’s two-year offer of 500 million won for two years.

Lotte lost Ahn Chi-hong as an internal FA in the FA market this winter, effectively leaving a hole in its second baseman position. It recruited Choi Hang and Oh Sun-jin through the second draft, but it was hard to regard them as solid infield resources. Eventually, the team moved just before leaving the spring camp to sign and trade on the necessity of reinforcing the infield power that it felt at the scene. Kim Min-sung returned to his former Lotte club, where he started his professional career.

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