KT without Heo Hoon vs. LG without Maray

Both teams will play important games in the absence of key players.

Suwon KT is making smooth progress this season. It is ranking second thanks to even performance of its players. However, there is little gap between the Seoul SK Wyverns and the Changwon LG Twins. The team has to secure victory in the LG Twins game to widen its gap. KT has successfully rebounded by garnering three consecutive wins recently.꽁머니사이트

The same applies to LG. However, the gap between Asem Maray (202 cm and C) is too big. Without Maray, LG is not a strong team. The team is experiencing ups and downs in performance. It is positive news that the team beat the Seoul Samsung Lions in the last game.

LG Wins, But Allow KT to Chase At The Last End of Game

[KT-LG, comparing the recent records] (KT is in front)

  1. 2-point success rate: approximately 45% (22/49) – approximately 62% (21/34)
  2. 3-point success rate: approximately 21%(5/24) – approximately 36%(10/28)
  3. Free throw success rate: approximately 94% (17/18) – approximately 57% (12/21)
  4. Rebound: 33 (Attack 9)-40 (Attack 8)
  5. Assist: 10-12
  6. Turnover: 10-15
  7. Steel: 9–6
  8. Block shot: 1-1
  9. Scores by fastball: 7-10
  10. Scores by turnovers: 5-11

KT won two matches against LG. However, it was the only team that lost in the last showdown. Both teams were named the best members.
In the beginning of the game, the team scored low points. Notably, KT only scored three points during the first five minutes of the game. However, LG scored only seven points. LG also made mistakes and failed to focus on shooting. However, as time went by, both teams’ attacks got more sophisticated.
LG won, but it was a disappointing victory. Although LG was leading by a large margin until the second half of the game, the team was chased at the last minute and struggled to win.

Huh Hoon and Maray’s absence is different from the last showdown

[The results of the last 3 games]

  1. 2024.01.20 vs. Goyang Sono (Goyang Indoor Gymnasium): 92-73 (win)
  2. 2024.01.25. vs Seoul SK (Suwon KT Arena): 68-65 (win)
  3. 2024.01.27. vs Anyang Jeonggwanjang (Suwon KT Arena): 94-78 (win)

[The results of LG’s last 3 games]

  1. 2024.01.19. vs Busan KCC (Busan Sajik Gymnasium): 101-95 (win)
  2. 2024.01.21. vs Wonju DB (Wonju General Gymnasium): 73-93 (lost)
  3. 2024.01.26. vs Seoul Samsung (Changwon Gymnasium): 100-74

As mentioned earlier, KT, LG, and SK are fiercely competing for the second place. In other words, it is an important game for both teams.
Huh Hoon (180 centimeters, G) will be absent from KT. He could also have physical problems as he played Tuesday. Except for Ferris Bath (206 centimeters, F) and Ha Yoon-ki (204 centimeters, C), other players did not spend much time in the last game.
However, the variable is Maray’s absence. For LG, Maray, the core player of the team’s system, is absent due to an injury, and Juan Tello (206 cm, C) is struggling, but he has a different style from Maray’s. The most important thing for LG is to fill Maray’s absence.

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