Japanese media said, “Korea with Son Heung-min avoids the round of 16 match between Korea and Japan… Saudi Arabia is also not easy.”

Japanese media paid attention to the round of 16 match between South Korea and Saudi Arabia. “Korea avoided the round of 16 match between Korea and Japan,” he wrote, “Saudi Arabia is also a formidable opponent,” predicting that there is a possibility of elimination.라바카지노주소

Japan’s “The World” wrote on the 29th (Korea time) that the round of 16 Asian Cup has begun, and the biggest match among the round of 16 matches will definitely be between Saudi Arabia and Korea. Both teams are armed to win the title.”

“Korea was considered a strong candidate for the No. 1 spot in Group E, but won one win and two draws to finish second in the group. As a result, Korea avoided the Korea-Japan match in the round of 16, but Saudi Arabia is also a tough opponent. It can be seen as an adversary for Korea,” he added.

Lastly, “The Korean national team has top Asian talents such as Tottenham striker Son Heung-min, Wolverhampton striker Hwang Hee-chan, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Lee Kang-in, and Bayern Munich defender Kim Min-jae, but the fight in the group stage was somewhat unstable. ESPN was also uneasy about the current situation, saying that Korea’s unconvincing game is continuing. South Korea is likely to be eliminated from the round of 16 even though it has Son Heung-min, Asia’s best striker. It will be a big failure for Korea to be eliminated from the round of 16 at the Asian Cup.”

Korea and Japan were strong candidates for the championship before the event. However, both teams displayed disappointing performances in the group league. Japan, which was in Group D, was in a group with Iraq, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and successfully advanced to the round of 16 by ranking second in the group with two wins and one loss. This highlighted the possibility of a round of 16 match between Korea and Japan. This is because the second-ranked in Group D and the first-ranked in Group E will face off each other in the list of tournament matches.

Korea, which had been in the next group, could grab the top spot in Group E if it wins over Malaysia. Jordan lost 0-1 to Bahrain in the opposite match, which was held at the same time. However, Korea allowed a run in the 15th minute of extra time in the second half when the game was 3-2 and ended in a 3-3 draw. As a result, Korea ranked second in Group E, and the match against Korea in the round of 16 also failed. Regarding this, multiple media outlets in Japan said, “Korea avoided Japan.”

As a result, Korea will face off against Saudi Arabia, the No. 1 player in Group F, while Japan will face Bahrain, the No. 1 player in Group E. If the Korea-Japan match is to be held, it is possible only in the final.

Saudi Arabia, which Korea will face off against Thailand, Oman, and Kyrgyzstan, had two wins and one draw in Group F. Its leader is Roberto Mancini, the “world-renowned master.” According to soccer statistics magazine Transermarkt, the Korean national team’s squad is worth 193 million euros (about 280 billion won), and the Saudi team’s squad is worth 23.15 million euros (about 33.5 billion won).

In terms of objective power, South Korea must win, but “The World” predicted, “It can be eliminated.”

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