Japanese professional basketball team B.League partners with Australian professional league NBL

The B. League of Japanese professional basketball has partnered with the Australian NBL.

The B.League held a signing ceremony for basketball exchanges between Japan and Australia with the Australian professional league NBL on the 27th.꽁머니사이트

For this signing ceremony, Shinji, president of the B. League Shimada, traveled to Australia in person and met with NBL Commissioner Jeremy O’Elliger there to have a pleasant conversation and sign the agreement.

In addition, the two sides decided to review the following four issues for future consultations. In addition, they agreed to come up with concrete methods after discussions at a practical level to realize these issues.

a future review agenda

  1. B. Formally signed a partnership to emphasize continuous cooperative relationships centering on activities jointly conducted by the League and NBL.
  2. B.Entering the league club’s NBL preseason tournament.
  3. Providing youth teams in both countries with opportunities to participate in youth competitions held in both countries.
  4. For the continuous development of basketball in both countries, the B. League club participated in the NBL.

After the signing ceremony, NBL Commissioner Jeremy O’Eliger said, “The international exchange of the NBL has been an important growth strategy for us since 2015. In this regard, our partnership with the B. League is very enjoyable. Our discussion with the B. League is very positive and we look forward to continuing it.”

Shinji Shimada, president of the B. League, said, “This time, the B. League has reached a basic agreement with the Australian NBL to sign a partnership. The NBL is the world’s best basketball league, and if this partnership is materialized, I think it will be of great help to our goal of being the world’s second-largest league after the NBA.” “We expect that it will lead to the development of the B. League in various forms by partnering with the NBL, which attracts attention from around the world by producing many NBA players.”

He also added, “In terms of the game, we can provide Japanese players with the opportunity to play at a higher level, and I think it is a good opportunity from the perspective of mutual business development between the two countries.” There are a lot of tasks to be solved, but it would be good to solve them one by one and consider a good form of partnership.”

Shimada, who led the partnership with Australia’s NBL, is also focusing on improving relations with China’s CBA.

A good example was CBA Chairman Yao Ming’s visit to the B. League All-Star Game held in Okinawa on January 13. The visit to Japan at that time was a bit of a mystery during the CBA and Yao Ming, who do not often interact with the Asian region.

At the time, Shimada released a photo taken with Yao Ming on his personal SNS and said he would visit China soon for a return visit.

I wonder how these efforts of President Shimada and the B. League will bear fruit.

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