“Two plates of steak for every lunch.” Promising big guns succeed in bulk-up 110kg. “Clothes don’t fit.”

Akihiro Yuto, a rising star of the Yomiuri Giants who ate two plates of steak to bulk up, has successfully gained weight. “I couldn’t wear the best of the suit (vest),” Akihiro said in the spring camp, expressing satisfaction with a smile.월카지노

A member of the Yomiuri Giants’ main league entered the Miyazaki Spring Camp for self-training prior to the start of the camp on July 27. “Akihiro, who gained his highest weight to 110 kg, had a smile on his face, saying, ‘I couldn’t wear (suit’s) best.'” All of the Yomiuri Giants’ teammates wore outfits that included bests, but Akihiro only wore shirts.

According to the media, Akihiro said, “I will aim to maintain my weight even in camp. I think the standard (for dinner) is a little higher than the limit. I lost about 4 kg last year. I want to keep trying because maintaining my weight is a constant task after I enter the professional league.”

Akihiro, a 2-meter-two-centimeter-tall giant, focuses on weight gain because he lost 100 kilograms during the last season, failing to control his condition. In order to gain weight, he ate nine meals during off-season self-training last year.

While conducting individual training ahead of the spring camp, Akihiro focused on weight. Akihiro conducted off-season self-training with Sho Nakata (Chunichi), who played with the Yomiuri Giants until last year. During the training, he ate an extraordinary amount of food. He consumed more than twice that of Nakata.

“I’m 106 kilograms right now, but I’m aiming to gain 6 kilograms to 112 kilograms by increasing the amount of meals I eat,” Akihiro said. While training with Nakata, Akihiro challenged himself to eat more at lunch than an eating show. Akihiro’s meals included 800 grams of steak, 2.5 bowls of rice, and potatoes. For dinner, he ordered five bowls of rice.

Akihiro was selected by Yomiuri in the 2020 draft, and in 2021, his first year since debut, he went 0-for-1 in one game in the first division. In 2022, he did not play in the first division and gained experience in the second division, batting 275 with nine home runs in 109 games.

Last year, Akihiro was actually in his debut season in the first division, and he showed his batting potential with a batting average of 273 with 10 homers and 41 RBIs with 36 runs scored and an OPS of .720.

After hearing strict words from the new coach, Akihiro expressed his determination, saying, “I will do it as usual on the ground, and I will be more careful and considerate in my personal life.” “What I have to do remains unchanged. I want to enter the spring camp in a good form with the mindset of appealing from the beginning,” Akihiro said in his fourth season.

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