Big Brother Role Talk’ Kim Young-kwon and Kim Min-jae’s partner are selected? → World Cup CB Combination, will it break through the tournament

Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan HD), a veteran center back of the Korean national soccer team, played a leading role both on and off the field, raising expectations for a starter.라바카지노주소

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, gathered at the Al-Eglah training ground in Doha, Qatar on the afternoon of the 29th (Korea time) and entered the final hardening.

South Korea will face Saudi Arabia in the round of 16 at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup Qatar at 1 a.m. on the 31st at Alaiyan Education City Stadium in Qatar. In the group stage, South Korea ranked second in Group E, and Saudi Arabia advanced to the tournament as first in Group F.

A showdown between the two teams is considered the biggest big match in the round of 16 strongest teams in this tournament. Both Korea and Saudi Arabia are considered Asian soccer powerhouses, and they represented Asia at the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals. Korea made it to the round of 16, and Saudi Arabia surprised the world by winning against Argentina, who was eliminated from the group stage but became the champion of the tournament.

Having met Saudi Arabia on their way to the quarterfinals, the Korean national team started final training at the Al-Eglah training site ahead of the match. All the players except Moon Seon-min (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who was out injured, gathered at the training site in time for the final training that took place in the afternoon of Saturday local time.

Moon Seon-min suffered pain in his right hamstring during training on the 27th, so he took individual training indoors for two consecutive days.

Amid the training in a tense atmosphere, a national soccer team official praised Kim Young-kwon’s leadership to reporters. According to the official, Kim Young-kwon took care of the team’s young defenders, Kim Ji-soo (Brentford) and Kim Joo-sung (FC Seoul).

Kim Young-kwon, born in 1990, is one of the oldest members of the Korean national team. Among the Taegeuk Warriors who participated in the Asian Cup, Kim Tae-hwan (Jeonbuk Hyundai) was the only one who was older than Kim Young-kwon born in 1989. Kim Young-kwon, the eldest brother of the Korean national team, has been taking care of young center backs Kim Joo-sung (born in 2000) and Kim Ji-soo (born in 2004) who participated in the first Asian Cup, and is serving as a leader of the national defense team both inside and outside the stadium.

Coach Klinsmann also expressed admiration for Kim’s leadership. At a pre-press conference held at the main media center in Doha on Monday, he praised Kim, saying, “It’s a great honor to be with Kim. It’s a great pleasure to be with a professional player like Kim Young-kwon.”

On Kim Young-gwon, Clinton said, “I was grateful to Kim Young-gwon. When young players joined the team, Kim Young-gwon said, ‘I don’t care about my role. I will be there for the team no matter what role I play,’ and I could feel how prepared we are as a team and how thirsty we are,” adding, “It’s an honor to be with such a player.”

Due to the high praise for Kim Young-kwon within the national team, there was a possibility that Kim Young-kwon would start as a partner of Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), a key center back in the round of 16 against Saudi Arabia.

Experience can play an important role in a tournament as soon as it loses. As Kim Young-kwon is a veteran player who has played 106 A-matches in total, he is expected to display his skills on the stage of the tournament.

South Korea and Portugal in Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group H match at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar. Kim Young-kwon is celebrating after scoring the equalizer. Yonhap News

In addition, Kim Young-kwon scored a goal at the Education City Stadium, where the match against Saudi Arabia will take place. In the match against Portugal in the third group match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup at Education City Stadium, Kim Young-kwon scored an equalizer to make the score 1-1 in a corner kick situation. Later, as Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers) scored a come-from-behind goal in the extra time of the second half, South Korea succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 at the World Cup for the first time in 12 years.

Kim Young-kwon, who attended a pre-press conference with head coach Klinsmann on the 29th, said, “It’s a place with good memories, and it’s true that we played a good game, but it’s definitely a different match between the World Cup and the Asian Cup,” adding, “I think the present is more important because I changed a lot with the players then, and the coach also changed. Still, as I have good memories, I will do my best to help the Korean national team win.”

In the first and second group matches, Klinsmann used “Kim Min-jae and Jung Seung-hyeon (Ulsan HD)” as the combination of center backs. In the third match against Malaysia, Kim Young-kwon was mentioned as Kim Min-jae’s partner, but Kim Young-kwon did not allow any shots to Malaysia during the first half, but allowed three goals in the second half, which was a disappointing day.

As it is a tournament, the most important thing is not to allow a run, so attention is expected to be paid to whether center back Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon, who joined South Korea in the round of 16 at the last World Cup, will be in the starting lineup to prevent Saudi attacks.

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