18-year Tigers man veteran Yang Hyun-jong will take care of the 28-year franchise manager… “Coach vacancy, early camp is okay.”

Yang Hyun-jong, who joined the team in 2007 and played only for the Tigers except for “study in the U.S.” in one season, has been involved only in the Tigers as a player, coach, and head coach since 1996, and started to take care of the former coach, who stepped down in disgrace. To prevent the team’s agitation, he asked, “Let’s not look around or bow down,” while trying not to accept the impact of the absence of the head coach, saying, “At the beginning of the camp, there are not many situations where the coach will step up.”

The Kia Tigers’ Australian spring camp team appeared at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Encouraged by fans who came to the airport, they looked stiff as they were mobbed by flashlights. Behind the departing players were the shadow of former coach Kim Jong-kook. Captain Na Sung-bum focused on delivering the message that he would do his best to prepare for the season in order to prevent agitation of the team even in an embarrassing situation.헤라카지노

At the same time, at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-dong, former general manager Jang Jung-seok and former manager Kim Jong-guk were at a crossroads of arrest with charges of “taking money behind the scenes.” As a result, the arrest warrant was dismissed, but this decision does not mean innocence. It was only the judiciary’s judgment on the investigation process, and if the money behind the scenes was exchanged, the two had already lost their qualifications in the baseball world.

Former coach Kim Jong-kook joined the Haitai Tigers in 1996 as a first-round pick, winning the Korean Series in 2009 and finishing his career in 2010. After retirement, he transformed into a coach and started training younger players. As a coach, he was an excellent coach who spent much longer in the main league than he did in the Futures League. He also added the national flag as a coach for the national team. After the 2021 season, Kia Tigers dismissed Matt Williams (current San Francisco Giants coach) whose contract period was still up, and chose Kim Jong-kook as its head coach. The reason for this was that he understood the club and players well as he was a star in a franchise.

However, former coach Kim Jong-guk is accused of using a modifier that is only allowed to a very few baseball players, who are from a franchise, to accept money. Even if he was not actively paid for it, if he was paid for it, and if he was paid for the reason that he was the head of a team he should not be paid for, that alone cannot avoid criticism.

The Tigers man should overcome his misbehavior. As a veteran pitcher, Yang Hyeon-jong, who is nine years younger than former coach Kim Jong-kook, is now in a position to prevent his juniors from being swayed. “Since I am on my way to the camp, I am trying to get on the plane by rethinking the goal I had in mind, although it may be a heavy atmosphere,” Yang said before departing for Australia on Thursday.

“It’s my personal opinion, but honestly, coaches help us a lot during spring camp. The coach will make all the decisions, but at the beginning of the spring camp, there are not many situations where the coach steps up or anything like that. We prepare ourselves to build up our bodies and play in good condition. We’ve been to several spring camps, but it’s a time when it’s left to a lot of players. I think it’s too early to think about (the absence of a coach) or how to take an empty seat for the coach.”

However, Yang also added that the camp is still in its early stages. If the vacancy of the coach is prolonged, it will inevitably affect players’ preparation for the season. Players whose positions and positions are still unclear during the regular season tend to have a hard time preparing for the event. “I don’t know who will come, but I hope (the new coach) will come and help us greatly in restarting the team,” captain Na Sung-bum said to his team.

Kia has assigned Jin Gap-yong, its chief coach, to lead the team, but has yet to pass the title of acting coach. Instead, it only revealed its intention to appoint a new coach as soon as possible. For the time being, the coach will likely continue his workout schedule as planned. As a result, players have increased their share.

Yang calls himself a bridge between pitchers and coaching staff. “The two coaches have changed (coaches Jung Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-geol). The players who participated in the closing camp may well know the coach’s personality and personality, but most players in the main league do not. There may be a heavy atmosphere (due to the dismissal of the coach), but first of all, the coach and I need to talk to each other a lot. The same goes for young players. I think we should gradually become one as we communicate a lot with each other. I think my role is huge among the coaches and young players. I want to talk to the coaches and I want to talk to them well to finish the camp in a good mood.”

At the same time, he expressed his expectations for the new season despite negative factors. Kia failed to advance to the postseason last year by ranking sixth in the regular season, but this year, it is considered a strong contender. It recruited a foreign pitcher with extensive experience in Major League Baseball, and secured the opportunity to make up for its failure last year. Na Sung-bum, who played in only 58 games due to injury, is waiting for the opening game with the captaincy mark in good health. “I went all the way to the baseball gate last fall and fell. When I was winning consecutive games, I thought that I could win no matter which team I played against. If they come back and operate normally, I am confident that they will rise higher than last year, and I think they can look forward to it. That’s true for me, my fans, and other players are also always looking forward to it. I think that if we are careful of injuries, which is always a problem for our team, we can play baseball in colder weather,” Yang confidently said.

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