“Dae senior, like Song Jin-woo…” Age is just a number, the goal of Ko Hyo-joon, the “key bullpen of the fire.”

“Like Song Jin-woo (Technical Chairman and Pitcher Coach of Daedeok University Baseball Team), who is a big senior…”

Two veteran pitchers come to mind when considering the core bullpen of SSG Landers last season. They are Noh Kyung-eun and left-hander Ko Hyo-joon, who finished the season with second place in hold with 30 holds. Ko played in 73 games last season, recording four wins, one loss, and 13 holds, with 45 strikeouts and an earned run average of 4.50 WHIP (per-inning on-base permit) of 66 strikeouts in 58 innings.월카지노

Ko Hyo-joon, who performed well, signed for 153 million won, a 68 million won (80%) increase from his previous salary of 85 million won in recognition of his value, and will play as a must-win group once again at the age of 41.

“I think it’s the same. I prepared exactly as I did last season,” Ko told reporters before departing for Vero Beach, Florida, the U.S., the site of SSG’s spring camp on Jan. 30. There has been no particular change. Instead, as a bullpen pitcher, I had a lot of thoughts about changes in the strike zone and overall area. The same goes for Peach Clark. I thought about that to some extent. I want to prepare well and show better performances,” he said.

One of the problems of SSG in the last season is that it lacked left-handed bullpen pitchers. Lim Joon-seop pitched the most innings after Ko. He pitched 32 ⅔s and recorded a record of 5.79. Afterwards, he was released and joined Lotte Giants. Baek Seung-gun then recorded an ERA of 4.60 in 31 ⅓s in 23 games. Except for the three left-handed bullpens, no player pitched more than 10 innings last season.

However, Ko Hyo-joon said, “I don’t think there is a left-handed relief pitcher in our team. There are many good players like Jung Sung-gon and other players. I think I can make the most of them. Kim Taek-hyung will also come back in the middle. So I’ve never thought I was not good enough,” adding, “There was a part where I went out a lot last year, but I want to create more synergy effect with my juniors this year. We left a lot of regrets last year,” adding, “We also had a lot of regrets when it was over, but I think all of the pitchers will go out and prepare well.”

If young left-handed bullpens come up against him, chances for Ko to take the mound will be reduced. However, Ko has been enjoying competition with young pitchers. “I think it’s competition. I don’t always get complacent. I keep trying. When I think about it, I think it would be fun to compete with young players.”

Ko Hyo-joon, a graduate of Sego University, joined Lotte as the sixth overall pick in the first round of the second round of the 2002 KBO Rookie Draft and started his professional career. After returning to Lotte after serving as the SK Wyverns (currently the SSG) and KIA Tigers, he joined the LG Twins’ uniform and returned to the SSG in the 2022 season, where he is constantly playing. This season, he will enter a new season at the age of 41.

His goal is to become Song Jin-woo. Coach Song Jin-woo has played as an active player until the age of 43, the oldest in the Korean pro baseball league (43 years, seven months and seven days). “My goal is to throw the ball to the age that Song Jin-woo, a great senior, threw,” Ko said. “There is Noh Kyung-eun who is following me. Now, I plan to create synergy effect together and continue it as long as I can.”

Ko’s goal for this season is to have a healthy season. “There is only one thing I aim for (this season). I don’t want to get hurt. If you play a season as much as last year, there will be many good players, so I think your team’s position will be higher,” Ko said. “I’m saying this from the perspective of a pitcher. If the pitchers do well, I think they will be higher.”

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