“Now I Have to Show My Color…” Coach Kim Gun-tae’s Confident Aspirations to Become an Official Leader

Coach Kim Gun-tae, who will help NC Dinos C team (NC 2nd tier) pitcher part this season, expressed his strong ambition.

Coach Kim, who was originally from Mudeung Middle School and Jinheung High School, was a right-handed pitcher who was nominated by the Heroes as the No. 2 player in the first round in 2010. He joined the NC Dinos from the 2018 season and made a name for himself as a leading supporting actor when he was an active player. His overall performance was 5 wins, 13 losses and 12 holds with an ERA of 5.20. Notably, he contributed to NC’s first win in the 2020 season.

Coach Kim Gun-tae, who retired from active duty after the 2022 season, served as NC’s training coach last year, and will lead NC’s young pitchers as official coaches starting this season. When I met him at Masan Baseball Stadium on the 1st, where NC CAMP 2 (spring camp) is in full swing, he felt a strong sense of responsibility.

“I was worried about whether I could combine what I had studied and prepared well and whether the players would accept it,” coach Kim Geon-tae said. “There are a lot of baseball-related materials in lesson halls, YouTube, and social media. I studied a lot not to be pushed back. Thank you because I think the players are following me well.”헤라카지노

“It’s very different from when I was a training coach. I used to be a learning and studying position, but now I am an official coach. I need to show my color,” Kim said. “I want to do it like a ‘tiki-taka’ who communicates with each other, rather than instructing players unilaterally. I found out that he succeeds as a leader rather than as a player, according to his personal fortune telling. I had some regrets when I was a player, but I want to be a good leader.”

The 44-member NC C team will elevate its performance at Masan and Goseong Baseball Stadium from Friday. However, it may be disappointing for the players that they could not join the CAMP 2 of N Team (NC First Division) in Tucson, Arizona. Coach Kim Gun-tae stressed to these players that they will develop further with words of consolation.

“It would be nice to follow the U.S. camps, but there is a good environment to exercise in Korea as well. In the U.S. camps, you may not have enough time for individual exercise due to team training, but here you have enough time for individual exercise. It’s a little cold, but I think domestic spring camps are not bad,” he said. “If I work hard here, I will be able to spend spring camps in the U.S. next year.”

A good example is left-hander Kim Tae-hyun. During a telephone interview with a reporter last year, coach Kim Geon-tae praised Kim Tae-hyun, saying, “He has improved a lot since he was in the 2nd tier.” And now, Kim Tae-hyun, who has grown to a great extent, is sweating profusely as he played CAMP 2 for Team N in Arizona.

Coach Kim said, “(Kim) Tae-hyun worked out hard even before he went to the camp. We talked about it and he said he felt a lot last year. He said, “I think what I did up to now wasn’t baseball,” adding, “I’m so proud that he has grown up a lot. I prepared well and went to the U.S..” with a smile.

Aside from Kim Tae-hyun, NC Dinos is also a team that has a unique insight into pitcher development. It is important to set individual routines for each player and maximize benefits through systematic training. “NC is so good at raising pitchers. Not only the first- and second-tier players are good,” a baseball source said.

“Coach Lee Yong-hoon first came to NC and created a systematic training program for me. Many officials gave me a good direction,” coach Kim Geon-tae said. “Players have developed their own routines throughout the game including the drive line. They tried to throw without thinking unnecessarily. I think it was a synergy effect that gave them confidence rather than anxiety.” For reference, Drive line is a training program that improves the efficiency and accuracy of pitching by analyzing pitching mechanisms through biomarkics technology. U.S. and Japanese teams are also actively introducing the program.

The KBO league is embracing a wave of major changes this season, including the introduction of the Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS), also known as robot umpires, expansion of base size, and prohibition of defensive shift. Coach Kim predicted that the ABS would be beneficial to pitchers.

“I think it would be good for (pitchers) to move the ball up and down the strike zone,” he said. “I had this experience when I was a player. I felt it was a ball, but there were quite a few cases where they judged a strike. I think it’s an advantage for pitchers.”

Finally, coach Kim Gun-tae said, “I’m mainly in charge of young players. It’s not easy for those players to go straight to the first division and show their performances,” adding, “I hope they don’t get sick and finish the year well and grow slowly. I hope they grow up without any injuries in the second or third year after watching their seniors do it,” hoping for the growth of NC’s low-year pitchers.

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