Perfect pitcher said, “I want to surpass last year’s performance”… His desire to start in the opening game is also

Sasaki Rocky (22), a “perfect pitcher” of the Japanese professional baseball Chiba Lotte, conducted training on the first day of the spring camp after ending controversies such as advancing to the Major League in the offseason and negotiating salaries.

Chiba Lotte started spring camp at Ishigaki City Central Sports Park Baseball Stadium in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan, on the 1st. According to Japanese media, Sasaki ran and stretched at an indoor training site and later trained defense to link ground balls to infielders in team training.라바카지노주소

He then played catch for about 20 minutes from a distance of about 50 meters. Sasaki didn’t throw a bullpen session on the day, but Sasaki said, “I might throw it soon.”

In an interview with Japanese reporters after training, Sasaki said, “I want to surpass last year’s performance because last year’s season was not a satisfactory result.”

Sasaki had seven wins, four losses and a 1.78 ERA last year. He had excellent ERA but pitched in only 15 games (91 innings) due to finger blister and lateral muscle injury during the season. He failed to meet the required innings.

Chiba Lotte will play its first home opener against Nippon Ham this year for five years. Sasaki also expressed his desire to become a starting pitcher for the opening game. “I also have a lot of fun and anticipation to welcome the opening game at my home stadium for the first time. I think it would be great if I could throw it in the opening game. I want to prepare for that,” he said.

Sasaki has quickly elevated herself ahead of her participation in the World Baseball Classic at last year’s spring camp. She is able to build up her body normally this year.

Sasaki, who came to the camp in good condition through off-season training sessions, said, “The goal of this year’s camp is to build physical fitness and adjust to actual performances. I have not talked with the coach yet, so I don’t know when I will throw in detail.” “If you start pitching with a bullpen, you should cherish your pitching sense and gradually increase your pitch,” he added.

Sasaki had been the subject of controversy until the end of January. Sasaki demanded an unexpected application for posting to the Major League in early December last year. Chiba Lotte could not have allowed such request. If a player under the age of 25 enters the Major League, he cannot make a large contract under the international amateur contract rules. The club could not sacrifice itself for Sasaki’s wishes. Sasaki has not contributed much to his team since joining Chiba Lotte, as he took the mound after receiving management of innings pitched. Sasaki never played full-time since joining the team.

Since then, Sasaki has not signed an annual salary contract until the end of December for the first time since his debut. Public opinion against Sasaki was not good as there was no progress in signing the annual salary contract even one week before the start of the spring camp. It has been known that Sasaki has withdrawn from the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPA), sparking strong criticism. On April 26, he belatedly signed a contract for an annual salary of 80 million yen, the same as last year, and normally joined the spring camp.

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