“It’s scary if you stick to it.” Hanwha 20-year-old Fireballer Closer Qualifications Sufficient… Dong-ju to Seo-hyun It’s not a dream of a ‘special-level fight.’

Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho commented on the reactions of batters he faced against Kim Seo-hyun (aged 20, Hanwha). He has no choice but to do so. He is a fireballer, but he is not an orthodox. It is similar to the three quarters, slightly higher than the sidearm. The prevailing view is that his oblique form on the sidelines rather than the traditional overhand does not strain the body.월카지노주소

He entered the KBO League as the No. 1 player overall in the rookie draft. However, his first season had a bitter taste. He started as a bullpen pitcher with one save and an earned run average of 7.25. He moved from the first division to the starting pitcher in 20 games, and another year passed after taking starting classes in the second division.

There was a big problem with his ball control. Starting pitcher Kim Seo-hyun lost consistency and was shaken when his batting order went around one round. Still, he had disappointing potential to use the pitcher as a bullpen. He thought that only when he settled down as a starter will he be able to become a bullpen pitcher in the future. After the season, the team had a lot of worries between the starting pitcher and the bullpen.

The bottom line is a professional bullpen. We can’t say for sure that starting pitcher Kim Seo-hyun is no longer there, but Hanwha plans to appoint him as a professional bullpen starting this year. I found Park Sang-won as a good finisher. First of all, Kim Seo-hyun starts as a setup man and seeks to enter the must-win pitching group. However, this is a change that he attempted, believing that he could take on the finishing touches for several years in the long run. He has already trained himself as a bullpen pitcher in the closing training, and confirmed his performance.

Coach Choi Won-ho conducted the spring camp at Melbourne Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Sunday (Korea time), saying, “I thought it would be better to play a shorter inning than a longer one in order to maximize Kim’s performance. Last year’s starting class would have helped.”

According to Statistics, a baseball statistics site, Kim Seo-hyun averaged 152.6 kilometers in fastballs in the 2023 season. He had a high proportion of fastballs and sliders, and played curves, changeups, splitters, and sinkers, but his performance was less than 5 percent. A professional setup man does not need many pitches, but it seems necessary to add just one more specific third pitch.

“First of all, we have to take advantage of our strengths. I hope we can throw fast balls with confidence. It is better for breaking balls to focus on their main weapons rather than various types of pitches. It was good in the closing training, so I’m looking forward to it. If you prepare enough, you have enough quality to succeed as a bullpen pitcher,” manager Choi Won-ho said.

In the end, it is important to reduce the ball and throw a lot of strikes. The scarcity and advantage from the form are clear. From the batter’s point of view, it is not easy to set the timing because the ball comes diagonally, and it also flies. If you are a right-handed hitter, you will inevitably feel a burden on your body for a moment. This is the background that hitters said “I’m scared.”

The timing was not timely, but if Kim Seo-hyun goes to the closing pitcher in the long term, the Hanwha bullpen will be upgraded. Manager Choi Won-ho said, “If Seo-hyun goes to the closing pitcher, it means that our bullpen will become very strong. If you prepare enough, you have enough quality to succeed in finishing.”

Kim Seohyun/My Daily

Above all, he is motivated to finish the game. About a year ago, in an interview with a media outlet, he confidently said that he wanted to make 50 saves for the season. If Moon Dong-ju alleviates the ups and downs of his ball control by throwing faster balls starting with the setup man, the day when he becomes the winning pitcher and Kim Seo-hyun wins the save may come.

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