He’s still a veteran of 222 martial arts, where UFC fighters are fun

204 wins, 1 draw and 17 losses. Muslim Salihov (40, Russia) ▲ Chinese martial arts “excellent” Sanda (散打) ▲ kickboxing ▲ mixed martial arts fighter.라바카지노도메인

Based on his skills by entering the Russian martial arts middle and high school “Pyati Storon Sveta” at the age of 11, he has played as a ▲ China ▲ Vietnam ▲ Taiwan ▲ Canada ▲ Turkiye ▲ Malaysia ▲ Indonesia ▲ France since 2003.

In the Sanda event, based on kickboxing, where ▲ elbow and knee attacks are prohibited, ▲ wrestling tripping ▲ judo throwing skills are allowed. Salihov, a Muslim who won gold 5 and silver 1 at the 8th-13th International Federation of Excellence (IWUF) World Championships between 2005 and 2015, is one of the best foreigners ever.

UFC Fight Night 235 will open at 6 a.m. on Feb. 4 in the U.S. in Enterprise, Nevada. Muslim Salihov will take charge of the fourth match of the main card, which starts at 9 a.m., and will face Randy Brown in welterweight (-77 kg).

The world’s largest mixed martial arts organization, UFC, has recorded six wins and three losses for Muslim Salihov, who started his career in 2017 and Randy Brown, who has 11 wins and five losses. Unlike Salihov, who was included in the official rankings from June 2021 to April 2022, however, Brown has not earned such a good name value.

Muslim Salihov rose to 14th place in welterweight from September to October 2021. However, he humbly said in a pre-video interview with MK Sports and UFC Fight Night 235, “Randy Brown is a good striker. Although I’ve been around for a long time, I’ve only played 23 games (19-4).”

He has devoted himself to UFC for eight years without participating in Sanda or kickboxing. Muslim Salihov said, “Other sports records don’t matter. I want to start all over again in a completely different field. That’s why I am not tired of being a fighter. I am happy and happy as I am a mixed martial artist.”

Randy Brown has had five wins and one loss in the UFC since 2021. Gamblers’ estimated win rate is 73.7 percent, which is 2.39 times ahead of Muslim Salihov (30.8 percent). Salihov also cautioned against Brown, saying, “He may be the tallest and have long arms in the welterweight division. If he allows a gap, he will be threatening from a long distance.”

Based on the UFC’s official profile, Muslim Salihov is 180-191 centimeters tall and 178-198 centimeters tall on Wingspan (shoulder + arms), showing a clear inferiority in physical conditions to Randy Brown. “Everyone knows I have to close the gap,” he admitted, but did not lose confidence, saying, “We’ll see how it goes.”

American mixed martial artist Randy Brown listens to the announcer’s introduction of the player in front of his parents’ country and dual-national Jamaican flag before the start of UFC 217 in November 2017. Photo = AFPBBNews = News1
Salihov, a Muslim, lost his previous match. It is important to face Randy Brown in order to continue his positive record that he has not lost consecutive games since his UFC debut. It would be regrettable that the original schedule, which was in December 2023, has been postponed due to the fact that his physical condition can vary from day to day.

“There is no difference in training from a typical mixed martial arts fighter so far,” said Salihov, a Muslim who stressed that the sport involves strengthening muscles. “You need to do a lot of weight training to maintain your physical condition over the years. But you have different routines like a young athlete,” he added.

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