No More Order of ‘Korea’s Best Finish’… Rookie Ko Woo-seok Faces Tough Survival Competition

Ko Woo-seok (26), who joined the San Diego Padres, will enter infinite competition for the position of closing pitcher.

Ko has achieved his dream of entering the Major League this winter. Upon receiving a request for an identification check from the Major League club, Ko made a posting request to his original team, the LG Twins, and LG accepted the player’s wish to allow Ko to enter the Major League. However, Ko did not find his team until the posting deadline, and was likely to play in Korea again in 2024.

However, Ko received an offer from San Diego ahead of the posting deadline, and he moved to the U.S. to receive a medical test before signing the contract. Ko signed a two-year contract worth up to 9.4 million dollars. The two-year contract covers a total of 4.5 million dollars. If all sexual options are met, the one-year contract will be extended.라바카지노

San Diego called Ko Woo-suk its candidate for closer when recruiting him. San Diego has a vacancy as Josh Hader, one of the best closing pitchers in the winter season, signed a five-year FA contract worth 95 million U.S. dollars with the Houston Astros. He expected Ko to fill the vacancy. “Ko is expected to compete for the position of closer,” said AJ Preller, the team’s general manager.

As such, Ko Woo-suk was an attractive pitcher. A graduate of Chungam High School, Ko joined LG in 2017 as the first candidate. Having quickly secured the position as a closing pitcher, Ko continued to grow and peaked in his career in 2022. He became the youngest player in the history of 40 saves in 61 games and 60 ⅔ innings with 4 wins, 2 losses and 42 saves with an earned run average of 1.48. His career record is 19 wins, 26 losses, and 139 saves with an earned run average of 3.18 in 354 games. He commanded the league by throwing a mixture of fastballs up to 157 kilometers and changeups with sliders, curves, and changeups.

Ko Woo-suk was given the title of the best closing pitcher in Korea. However, such a modifier only works in the KBO League. He is a rookie pitcher who has not made his official debut in the Major League yet. Now, he is starting all over again after giving up all the medals.

San Diego will also enter fierce competition to become a closer. The San Diego Union-Tribune released an interview with Mike Shildt, who was asked about the next closer by the media. The answer was without Ko’s name. Shildt mentioned only Yuki Matsui, a Japanese left-handed pitcher who joined San Diego before Ko, Wandy Peralta, and Robert Suarez, who was a former FA pitcher.

“There are a lot of great players among the candidates for closing pitcher. Suarez has been a closing pitcher, and he has the ability and mentality to carry out his duties well. Matsui also served as a closing pitcher in Japan for several years. Recently, he also recruited a highly experienced Peralta. Anyone can be a closing pitcher depending on the matchup. We plan to evaluate the result at the spring training,” Shildt said.

Even if the head coach didn’t mention it, it doesn’t change that Ko is a closing pitcher candidate. Even if he doesn’t take the closing pitcher right away, he can become San Diego’s closing pitcher if he proves his skills in spring training, exhibition games, and regular season. Attention is focusing on whether Ko Woo-seok, who returned as a rookie after giving up the title of “Korea’s Best Pitcher,” can survive the competition.

Meanwhile, the statistics website “Fangraph.COM” released Ko’s expected performance for the 2024 season, and according to the media, Ko is expected to pitch 62 innings in 62 games during his debut season, recording 3 wins, 3 losses, 11 holds, 3 saves, and an ERA of 3.83. He predicted that he would post 10.4 strikeouts per nine innings with 72, and his expectation for a walk per nine innings is 4.16.

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