“Someone has to open the door to get through it,” Boras said. “I’m not a doorknob. I need to be invited.” … A waiting strategy, “a master.”

“Super Agent” Scott Boras doesn’t budge. He is poised to stick to the existing “waiting strategy.”

In a recent interview with the Sports Business Journal, Boras named a “waiting strategy,” Heavy Dotcom reported on the 5th (Korea Standard Time).마카오토토

According to the Journal of Sports Business, Boras said, “To get through a door, someone has to open it. I’m not a doorknob. I have to be invited. So I stay ready.” He said he would not hold the doorknob to open the door first, but would wait for the other person to open it.

Boras continued, “I know that fans and people are saying that the slow FA contract speed is related to me,” adding, “The clubs initially try a number of alternative solutions to achieve their goals. After those attempts, whether it’s a trade or a FA contract, after 100 days of reviewing their situation, they say to the owner, ‘We’re not there yet. But one player can make a big difference.’ If you wait, the clubs eventually open the door at the last minute because they absolutely need that player.

Boras has signed a number of such big contracts regardless of the “stay” issue. He wants to stick to that strategy again this time.

Boras represents a number of FA’s, including “Big Four” Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery and Matt Chapman, as well as Ryu Hyun-jin and J.D. Martinez.

Like before, Boras is determined to give the FA the best gift while waiting until the end. Players are also counting on Boras to wait.
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