Jin Gap-yong vs. Lee Bum-ho? If you are promoted inside the KIA head coach… The name value is ‘explosive interest’ due to ability and leadership

] The unprecedented February appointment of the head coach. The KIA Tigers will hold a spring camp in Canberra, Australia, but their move in Gwangju attracts more attention.라바카지노

According to the industry, KIA has roughly completed the process of selecting a coach candidate. It has been reported that the company has begun interviewing the finalists with the approval of its parent company or is on the verge of entering the process. Due to the variable of the Lunar New Year holiday, it may be difficult to receive approval or feedback from the parent company during this period.

Chances are high that a new coach will be announced after the Lunar New Year holidays. There is no choice but to have coaches from the other nine clubs as coaches. Chances are high that a coach will be appointed from among the top-tier coaches, or a coach from outside the team. Analysts say that there is a high possibility that the former (internal promotion) will appoint an unconventional coach, and that the latter (external recruitment) will appoint a veteran coach with experience.

Among the current coaches of KIA, if the case of being promoted to manager becomes a reality, the most talked about senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho. Senior coach Jin Gap-yong is already being evaluated. He has not been officially appointed as an acting coach, but is currently in charge of the on-site squad for the Canberra camp. 

He is a leader with cheerful personality and extensive experience as battery and head coach. He is practically a star of the Samsung Lions franchise (debut OB Bears), but he has been involved in Kia since he was a manager of former coach Matt Williams, and is well aware of Kia’s situation. Having already led the closing camp well without difficulties is another factor that gives him positive score.

Coach Lee Bum-ho is also from Uiseong, North Gyeongsang Province and played baseball in Daegu until his high school days. He also spent half of his career with the Hanwha Eagles. He also played for the Softbank Hawks of the Japanese pro baseball and has overseas training experience. He also served as a manager of the second tier team in KIA, and has worked as a batting coach in the first tier, where he is currently interacting with KIA batters.

He has leadership and charisma, and his batting ability has been well-known. KIA does not hold retirement ceremonies well unless it is an authentic franchise, but coach Lee Bum-ho was an exception. KIA held retirement ceremonies considering coach Lee Bum-ho’s leadership and performance as an active player. Since then, he has gradually gained experience as a leader. He can become the final candidate for coach.

None of the current KIA coaches have managerial experience while serving as KBO league leaders. In other words, there is no guarantee that the team will be able to rescue the team in crisis. However, there is no coach with much experience from the beginning. Rather, Kia’s current power generation is an environment in which internal promotion and novice coaches can settle down. Unless the coach makes a big mistake, the team is capable of producing some performance. 

In the end, the interview results of the final candidates for the coach and the intention of the parent company are expected to be important. At this point, it is difficult to know exactly which side the club and the parent company prefer between internal promotion or external recruitment. However, in the case of internal promotion, it is true that senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho are the most mentioned atmosphere.

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