Panicked… Interview with KIA manager Joo-joo, who is ‘disappointed’

The KIA Tigers of the professional baseball league, which has begun to temper under Jin Gap-yong (pictured above, 50) as acting head coach without a head coach, will have an interview with the new coach next week. The goal of joining the team is until the 20th, when off-season training is scheduled in Australia. Two coaches, Jin Gap-yong and Lee Bum-ho (pictured below, 43) are likely to be promoted internally, and candidates are being selected including outside figures.라바카지노도메인

“We are currently in the process of narrowing candidates through internal discussions,” a Kia source said on Sunday. “We are planning an interview right after the Lunar New Year holidays,” adding, “The best scenario would be to have a new coach join the Australian camp through expedited procedures. If it is postponed until Friday or after when we move to Okinawa, Japan, it will be too late.” As the 2024 KBO exhibition game, which starts on September 9, is only one month away, Kia is highly likely to have a person who is well versed in internal affairs. The regular season begins on March 23.

Among insiders, Jin is the most promising coach. Jin joined the OB Bears (the predecessor of Doosan) in 1997 and played for the Samsung Lions from 1999 to 2015. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he won the gold medal as the leading player in all nine games. He also has ample experience as a coach. Jin served as a battery coach for Samsung in 2017, and also participated in the 2019 World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier 12.

Coach Jin first became acquainted with Kia during the 2020 season when he became a battery coach. After being recognized for his capabilities by the team, he was promoted to head coach from 2022 and assisted former coach Kim Jong-kook for two years.

Lee Bum-ho, the batting coach, is also mentioned as a candidate. Lee, who joined the Hanwha Eagles in 2000, joined Kia in the 2011 season and has been at the center of its lineup for nine years. Since his debut season, he has displayed steady performance, as evidenced by his grand retirement ceremony even though he was not a star player of the franchise who had protected his team. Since then, he has been serving as a scout and coach only at Kia, and thus has a good understanding of the team. However, if Lee becomes the head coach, Jin Gap-yong, who served as the head coach, may face difficulties in positioning the team.

Some say that the two coaches are uneasy about taking the helm of Kia, which is aiming to win the league title this season, as it has no experience in coaching. However, the Doosan Bears has elevated its performance from ninth place in 2022 to fifth place last year by placing Lee Seung-yeop, who had no experience as a coach, as the head coach. “The number of candidates within the team has been reduced to a minimum, including assistant coach Jin Gap-yong. We are considering all possibilities both inside and outside the team,” said an official from Kia.

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