“Captain” Kim Hye-sung’s wish for young players “May you cherish every moment.”

Kim Hye-sung (25) of the Kiwoom Heroes will start pitching in the Major League Baseball (MLB) through a posting system after the 2024 season. His team has already decided to respect and support his commitment to challenge.

When asked if there has been any change since MLB’s official challenge, Kim calmly said, “There is nothing special. I will do what I always do.” He also said his biggest goal for the 2024 season is not to get injured.헤라카지노도메인

There is something else that Kim Hye-sung is conscious of. Although it was covered by the issue of overseas expansion, it is a captain’s mission, which is considered another challenge in 2024.

In August 2021, Park Byung-ho (currently KT Wiz), who had been suffering from poor batting performance, returned the captain’s armband and replaced him. He was the youngest captain in Kiwoom’s history. However, it is the first time that Kim was appointed as the captain from the spring camp and served as the captain.

“I feel a lot of responsibility because it is my first time,” Kim said. “The captain needs to listen carefully to the team members and communicate well with the coaching staff. There are many things to take care of in order to perform the role well.”

Kiwoom had the lowest average annual average (7.7 years) of its players among the 10 teams as of March 2023. In the meantime, it has built up its power through internal development rather than external recruitment, and naturally, low-year players have gained many opportunities to play.

Kiwoom became a younger team this winter when pitcher Lim Chang-min (Samsung Lions) born in 1985 and catcher Lee Ji-young (SSG Landers) born in 1986. The team’s atmosphere is flexible, but there are also concerns that there are not many veterans who can play a central role in the crisis.

Kim has heavy shoulders. Kim has been the starting pitcher since the second year (2018), and has become one of the top infielders in the league by winning three Golden Gloves alone. He has more experience than other teammates.

“I always thought, ‘This is not my place yet.’ I still feel the same way. I hope the players cherish every moment (in the game). I hope they work hard and learn more,” Kim said to her juniors. She stressed that she should not take the opportunity to play for granted.

Kiwoom is considered one of the lowest rank players in the upcoming season. Kim Hye-sung also said, “10th place wins first place in baseball. I don’t care about the prediction rankings. We (Kium) can win, too,” in an effort to boost internal morale. A 25-year-old young captain is busy off-season training.

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