It’s an important second winter period, and 10 days of absence as a P-class coach… Meetings are also video, and Yeom Ki-hoon’s system is ‘concerned’ even bigger

The second winter off-season training has begun, but Suwon Samsung coach Yeom Ki-hoon will be away for about 10 days.

Suwon suffered humiliating demotion last season. It failed to win at home, and thus suffered its first demotion since the foundation of the club. Starting under the leadership of Lee Byung-geun, Suwon was coached by Kim Byung-soo during the season, and even that was not accompanied for a long time. It appointed Yeom, the legendary player of the club who used to be the playing coach, as the acting coach. Yeom also failed to use a miracle.

It was a shocking demotion, but Suwon chose Yeom Ki-hoon again. Yeom was appointed as an official coach. At his inaugural press conference, he said, “I will bet everything.” However, Yeom has not made an appearance at the second winter training camp in Jeju, which is taking place in a foreign country.꽁머니사이트

This is to train P-level instructors. Yeom had been away for P-level instructors even after he became an acting manager last season. The team’s head was away again at a different and important time from then. Needless to say, the 2nd winter training camp is important. The team usually develops basic physical strength through the 1st winter training camp. Then, at the 2nd winter training camp, they refine their tactics and have exhibition matches with other teams to find areas that they lack or need to be supplemented. This is the time to specify the degree of completion of their tactics. This is also the time to pay attention to exposing their capability.

However, Yeom is leading the team through video conferencing. “Yum will stay in Bangkok, Thailand from Feb. 5 to Feb. 16,” Suwon said on its SNS account, announcing Yeom’s P-level training schedule. As it was planned, the schedule and programs for the Jeju training are fully prepared. “We will receive reports from coaches and deliver training instructions through video conferencing every day,” Yeom said.

Yeom also had a video interview with the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp held at Shilla Stay in Jeju on the 6th. “I’m sorry to the team. We have meetings before and after the training,” Yeom said in a video press conference. There are no concerns. He also plans and directs training programs. “When I was briefed, there were no problems,” he said, but there is a big difference between the coach and the coach being at the training site.

Moreover, with Go Seung-beom (Ulsan HD), Kim Joo-won (Seongnam FC) and Kim Tae-hwan (Jeju United) leaving the team, Suwon has seen a significant change in its squad including Kim Hyun, Choi Ji-mook, and Son Seok-yong. Above all, Oh Jang-eun, who will lead the team instead of Yeom, is also not an experienced leader.

As such, he is preparing for the season with risks. Yeom has been raising concerns since his appointment. He is a legend as a player, but he is a “novice” coach. Veteran coaches are also voicing concerns over whether they will be able to survive the K-League 2. The season has yet to begin, but concerns are growing over Yeom and Suwon.

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