“Kim Ha-sung, the No. 1 FA shortstop/second baseman,” is seen to be more than 100 million dollars, following MLB’s 88th place, and the closing price every day

Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve gave up FA again one year ahead of qualification when he signed an extension contract with the club for five years and $125 million on the 7th (Korea time).

Altuve was a potential competitor of San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung in the FA market later this year. Altuve, in the preliminary FA rankings released by CBS Sports on the 17th, was fifth overall and Kim Ha-sung was sixth, while Altuve was fourth in the fielder and Kim Ha-sung was eighth in the FA rankings of The Score on the 7th. If there are fewer competitors in the FA market, the value will increase.

Kim Ha-sung’s FA value seems to be at the top of the list every day. Kim Ha-sung was again ranked in the “Top 10” in the preliminary FA rankings.마카오카지노도메인

In a segment titled “Preview 2024-2025 FA Top 25,” local media outlet Bleacher Report ranked Kim Ha-sung eighth overall. What is noteworthy is that he ranks first among shortstop/second baseman.

Journalist Zachary D. Reimer, who wrote the article, defined Kim Ha-sung’s position as shortstop/second baseman, and affirmed that “the possibility that Kim Ha-sung will choose an 8 million dollar mutual option in 2025 is very slim,” adding, “Only 11 players, including Kim Ha-sung, have recorded bWAR 5.0 or higher for the past two consecutive years. Most of his value comes from his defensive ability. He recorded 13 as shortstop, 10 as second base, and 5 as third base in DRS (the number of runs blocked by defenders),” he said.

Kim Ha-sung marked bWAR 5.0 in 2022 and 5.8 last year. Dividing the ball-number, it is 3.7-2.2 in 2022 and 4.2-2.1 in 2023. Compared to other infielders, the defensive sector has a relatively large proportion. FYI, the total WAR is not just the sum of each number of offense and defense.

In fact, there is no need to discuss Kim Ha-sung’s defense. He was the winner of the Gold Glove in the National League Utility category last year. The coaches and coaches of each team who lead the field rated Kim Ha-sung as the best utility in the NL.

As for Kim Ha-sung’s offense, reporter Reimer said, “He doesn’t show such a huge presence, but he looks well established. The batting average of 0.256 over the past two years is not a very embarrassing number considering the times and his age. On top of that, 28 home runs and 50 steals were marked,” he said. “When put together, Kim Ha-sung is a good player even if you look at the changed MLB regulations that increase the base and limit defensive shifts.”

“Kim Ha-sung is believed to be able to sign a nine-digit contract ($100 million) next winter.”

The media that valued Kim Ha-sung at more than $100 million was ahead. Dennis Lin, a reporter specializing in statistics at The Athletic, predicted on the 11th of last month that “San Diego should guarantee 130 million to 150 million dollars for seven years, including this year, to tie Kim Ha-sung for a long time.”

CBS Sports previously viewed Kim Ha-sung’s FA ranking as sixth overall, saying, “San Diego general manager AJ Preller can offer Kim Ha-sung an extension during spring training. Preller tends to achieve whatever he wants, and Kim Ha-sung should be caught. I intuitively think he will sign an extension contract with San Diego,” but it should also be considered that an extension contract is possible only when more than $100 million is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Reimer picked Juan Soto of the New York Yankees as the No. 1 prospective FA ranking. There can be no disagreement. “The clubs will soon jump on Soto. More specifically, he will sign an FA contract well over $500 million next winter.”

Following Soto, Baltimore Orioles right-hander Corbin Burns ($300 million), New York Mets giants Pete Alonso ($200 million or more), Houston third baseman Alex Bregman (middle of Tray Turner and Xander Bogaerts), Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Jack Wheeler ($100 million or more), St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (high salary multi-year contract), and Atlanta Braves left-hander Max Fried (Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery) ranked second to seventh.

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