“Because he is so talented…” 201-hit MVP released, has a bright comeback! FA 4th baseman Jeong Jo-joon in his hometown

Seo Geon-chang (35, Kia Tigers) is promising to make a comeback in his hometown team. Lee Bum-ho, batting coach who is coaching Seo at the Australian spring camp, is confident that Seo will make a comeback in the 2024 season.헤라카지노도메인

Seo signed a contract with the Kia Tigers for a total of 120 million won (50 million won in annual salary, 70 million won in option) on April 15, extending his active career. “We decided to recruit Seo as we believe that experienced Seo will greatly help young promising infielders grow in the team,” a KIA official said at the time. “I hope that Seo will lead his juniors well along with Kim Sun-bin, and I hope he will revive in his hometown team.”

Seo, who joined the LG Twins in 2008 after graduating from Gwangju Jeil High School, transferred to the Heroes and spent his prime time there. The best season was the 2014 season. At that time, he earned the MVP award in the regular season by posting a batting average of 371, seven homers, 67 RBIs and 48 steals in 128 games, with 135 points, and broke the record for most hits in a single season in the KBO League. Seo is the only player who recorded 200 hits since the opening of the KBO in 1982.

Seo, who used to be a leading second baseman for the Heroes, made his comeback to LG through a one-on-one trade with Jung Chan-heon in July 2021. Seo’s career began to decline sharply from this point on. He played all of the games (144 games) in the preliminary FA season, but after moving to LG, he suffered a slump of 247 RBIs and suffered from 68 games, and chose to return to the FA after the end of the season.

The 2022 season did not go as Seo had hoped. Suffering from injuries and poor performance, Seo had a slump of 224 with two homers and 18 RBIs in 77 games. Seo did not exercise his FA rights again this time and chose to serve as the third FA.

Seo reunited with Yeom Kyung-yeop, his coach for the 2023 season. When Seo made 200 hits with the MVP during the 2014 regular season, Yeom was the coach. Knowing Seo’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, Yeom was confident that his student would make a comeback, and Seo ranked first in batting average (3602 percent) in exhibition games, raising his chance to make a comeback.

Seo, however, bowed his head in the 2023 season with a batting average of .2012 in 44 games. Early in the season, Seo was pushed out of the race to become the starting pitcher by Kim Min-sung, but suffered a back injury in the second division, and when he regained his physical condition, backup Shin Min-jae rapidly grew up and failed to regain the starting pitcher position. Seo, who was classified as an extra-capable player of LG, failed to make the roster of the Korean Series and had to watch his team win the overall title for the first time in 29 years on TV.

Seo Geon-chang asked the LG club to release him after the 2023 season. Judging that there was no hope in LG, which has a thick depth of depth, he decided to find a new team. Seo Geon-chang, who became a free body, was offered a recruitment offer by his former Kiwoom and his hometown team KIA, and chose KIA after much consideration.

Seo is sweating profusely in his comeback fight at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia, where KIA’s first spring camp is held. He is in the veteran group with his best friend Kim Sun-bin of the same age, Na Sung-bum, Choi Hyung-woo, Socrates Brito, Lee Chang-jin and Ko Jong-wook, and is steadily participating in the camp.

Seo Geon-chang looked very serious when he met him in Canberra. His laughter disappeared and he trained with a serious expression. Even when he waited for his turn in batting training, he was seen holding the bat and constantly checking his batting form.

“Seo is currently in the process of building up his body,” KIA batting coach Lee Bum-ho said. “I am not talking to players about batting form at all. I am taking care of my mental health so that I can regain stability in my psychological aspect.”

Then, can Seo regain the prestige of being the 201-hit MVP at Kia? “Seo is a highly competitive player who will find his own if he makes a situation where he can demonstrate his abilities,” the coach said. “He will do well at Kia.”

Seo Geon-chang, who became a fourth-ranked player in the FA due to various variables and unfavorable factors such as trade, sluggishness, and injury ahead of the FA match, remains to be seen whether the old MVP will be able to spread his wings again in his hometown team.

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