I asked the directors, ···What is your wish in 2024

This year, 10 professional baseball teams celebrated Lunar New Year’s Day at the spring camp again. Now that everyone is preparing with grand dreams and thorough plans, the sports trend has been asked by all KBO league managers. “What is your wish for 2024?” Everyone talked about autumn baseball. It may seem similar, but it was accompanied by the circumstances of each team. I heard directly from nine coaches except for KIA, who has become the biggest desire this season to recruit good coaches by “quickly” their current coaches.월카지노도메인

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who won the championship last season, naturally mentioned “two consecutive victories.” “I want to build a dynasty by winning two consecutive seasons based on my skills. Baseball always has to be humble, and things don’t always go as I thought. But this year, I want to play a big role as a leader in helping the LG Twins become a dynasty,” Yeom said. “I will build a new dynasty” soon after winning the championship, and he realized LG’s dream that many coaches had not achieved for 28 years. Yeom, who led LG to the 2023 championship, which was said to be very strong, expressed his desire to be recognized as a coach by winning the LG title in 2024, when he has something to fill.

Lee Kang-chul, manager of KT, the runner-up last season, said, “I want to create a sustainable team” in 2024, which will serve as a turning point for the team. Of course, “winning” is based on the basic desire. The team emphasizes that it is time to prepare for the team’s future. KT, dubbed the strongest team in its 10th year since joining the KBO League in 2015, has seen its players grow a lot and some free agents come out, but it is also time to elevate its young fielders. “There are many kids in the infield, and I think it will be a good year if we have some backup,” Lee said. “I also hope to strengthen our mid-level efforts this year.”

“I want to achieve good results at the same time,” said Lee, who will make his debut as a coach under the leadership of SSG, referring to the team’s direction as remodeling rather than rebuilding. “At the same time, I hope the players will have a healthy and fun season. They will spend longer time together than their family members, and there will be consecutive losses and wins. Still, I hope everyone will have fun when they see each other. The team had ups and downs. It is important to strengthen our inner health during this season,” Lee said.

“I want to win the Korean Series this year,” said Kang In-kwon, manager of the NC Dinosaurs, who made a big splash in the playoffs after starting the fourth place in the regular season last year. “Our young players need to grow a little bit more, and it may not be easy, but I think that’s why we need to set bigger goals. The bigger the goal, the more the players will cheer up and show their passion. I played the fall baseball last year despite hardships, and I saw hope in the process.”

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who made his debut as the head coach last year and succeeded in advancing to the fall baseball league and finished it too early, said, “There are so many things I want to wish for, but of course, the top priority is the team’s performance. As the players prepare really fiercely for the off-season, I hope we can do our best healthy throughout the year and play baseball until the very latest.” In addition, he said, “As I regained my regret throughout the last year, as a coach, I will prepare more thoroughly so that I do not talk about the jinx of the second year.”

Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung, who has newly led the Busan seagulls with charisma, expressed his hope for “a new Lotte fall baseball.” “Of course, I have to play fall baseball. I will go to fall baseball while showing a new team of Lotte Giants that has become more aggressive,” Kim said. “Young players are flapping their hands to each other. Now, you have to have confidence that you can win against the other team. Manager Kim said, “Isn’t it a bit of a struggle? I’ll start by raising players’ donations.”

“I want to make a season where I don’t feel sorry for the fans,” said Samsung manager Park Jin-man, who debuted as the team’s head coach last year but unfortunately failed to participate in the fall baseball league. “My biggest wish this year is to play fall baseball at Lions Park. The number of baseball fans in Daegu has increased so much, and especially young fans. I feel sorry for not being able to play fall baseball this year,” Park said.

Hanwha, which has fallen back to the bottom of the list after 11 years of fall baseball in 2018, also hopes to do so again. In particular, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho has 22 years of memories of fall baseball. Choi’s last memories of fall baseball were that he threw for the LG Twins in Game 6 of the 2002 Korean Series, when he was hit by a walk-off home run by Samsung’s Ma Hae-young. “I want to watch the postseason this year. I’ve never done it as a player or coach since 2002, so I want to smell fall baseball at least,” Choi said. “It’s both the team’s wish and mine.”

A difficult season is expected for Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki. This is because Ahn Woo-jin and Lee Jung-hoo, who were pillars of pitching and hitting, have to play without any players. There are few eyes that expect Kiwoom to perform this year.

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