Williams’ recall of KIA as ‘moderate replacement’… “It was a fantastic experience, I coached the best players”

As Kia continued to display poor performance in the league, it pulled out its sword after the end of the 2021 season. It replaced the two heads of the team, the manager and the general manager. Matt Williams, 59, who entered the Korean league with a three-year contract, left the team forlornly without completing his contract period. He used the term “contract termination,” but was effectively dismissed.마카오카지노도메인

Williams had been eagerly preparing for the 2022 season. Officials recall that there was no feeling of dismissal until the end of the season. However, the mood for team reform began to blow, and Williams could not avoid the responsibility for poor performance. Kia sought to change its leadership by cutting off Williams, who was paid the highest salary in the KBO league at the time, even risking losses.

Returning the clock back to 2020, Kia started the season with high expectations. It recruited Williams, a former star player who was famous as the slugger of the time in the Major League, and also served as a manager in the Major League. The team raised expectations in a wide range of areas, ranging from a reform of the team atmosphere, strengthening of the team’s constitution, sound tension on the team and the effect of advanced culture.

Williams was a slugger who hit 378 homers in 1866 games while playing 17 seasons in the Major League, and was also well-known as a teammate of Kim Byung-hyun during the Arizona Diamondbacks. He played as an All-Star five times and was a player of both ball and water who won gold gloves and silver sluggers four times. After retirement, he coached Arizona and served as Washington coach for two years from 2014. In 2014, he was the winner of the National League Coach of the Year Award. His career itself was the most splendid among foreigners who came to the KBO League, both players and leaders.

Williams also clearly remembered the time when he signed with KIA. Williams, who took over as San Francisco’s coach following his best friend Bob Melvin, recalled the chaotic situation at the time in an interview with The Athletic, a North American sports media outlet, on the 9th (Korea time). According to The Athletic, Williams was going to continue to coach Oakland under Melvin. Suddenly, Kia contacted him, and he eventually went to Korea.

Recalling the time when he was contacted by Kia, Williams said, “I thought there would be no problem in discussing the matter. But they said, ‘No, I already took the plane to Los Angeles to present you with the contract.’ We met at a hotel next to the airport, and just five minutes after the meeting started, I had the contract in my hands. So I made the decision.”

He was a big-name coach, but Williams made an effort to adjust to the Korean stage. He sincerely prepared gifts to coaches of the nine KBO League teams that expressed respect and respect, and the coaches who were surprised by the gifts were agonizing over what to give in return. However, not everything went as planned. The most important result was not achieved. Kia achieved a winning percentage of over 50,000 with 73 wins and 71 losses (.507) in 2020, but failed to advance to the postseason as the sixth place finisher. In 2021, it lost 58 wins, 76 losses and 10 draws (.433), falling to ninth place in the league, and Williams was dismissed.

However, he does not think badly of the time. Rather, he has more positive memories. Williams said, “It was a fantastic experience. We were the only open league because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, we had a lot of difficulties at times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we had strict rules and regulations,” but added, “I was able to experience a different culture. I got a chance to coach the best players in Korea. It was fun and challenging.”

Williams’ relationship with Korea continues through players. When Bob Melvin assumed the helm of San Diego, Williams moved to the third base coach. Coincidentally, Kim Ha-sung was playing in San Diego. When Melvin moved to San Francisco ahead of this season, Williams followed suit. This time, however, Lee Jung-hoo joined the team. “Scouts have watched him (Lee Jung-hoo) for a long time,” Williams said. “They won’t need my opinion. But I think it’s a much better thing for the team to have him.”

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