Akdong Bauer appealed, “ML minimum salary is okay” but… “I won’t recruit unless I’m an alien”

Will Trevor Bauer end up playing in Japan for another year? It seems difficult for him to return to the Major League.꽁머니사이트

Bauer is the worst “eat-and-run” player in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ahead of the 2021 season, the Dodgers signed a three-year, $102 million (136 billion won) mega contract with Bauer, and set the record for the highest annual salary in the Major League at the time. With the hope of becoming a player, he even included opt-out conditions every season.

However, he was later placed on administrative leave by the MLB Secretariat when he was accused of sexual assault during the 2021 season. Prosecutors concluded that there were no legal charges, but further suspicions arose that there were several additional victims in addition to the woman who first filed the complaint. And Bauer did not seem to reflect at all.

The MLB Secretariat first gave Bauer a 324-game suspension, which was reduced to 194 games as Bauer filed a complaint. He aimed to make a comeback to the Major League in the 2023 season. However, the Dodgers raised both hands due to the “rude of the past.” The Dodgers released Bauer after much thought. He meant that he could no longer join the team despite massive financial losses. He was released as an FA but did not recruit the remaining 29 MLB clubs.

It wasn’t because he was rusty in performance. Some critics say that he misbehaved a lot and harmed the team’s chemistry. Repeated testimonies by women who were victims of sexual assault also put Bauer at a disadvantage. Eventually, Bauer signed a contract with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars before the 2023 season.

After his one-year contract with Yokohama ended, he informed the club that he would not be able to renew his contract to return to the Major League. However, it seems difficult to return to the Major League. Bauer has yet to find a new team. Recently, Bauer publicly announced that he would receive the minimum annual salary of 740,000 dollars (with separate incentives) in the Major League, but the clubs are hesitating.

The New York Post reported on the 9th (Korea time) that “Bauer’s agent, lawyer John Fetterolff, said he was talking to seven or eight clubs, but no one has signed him yet.”

Petterolff added, “Bauer did nothing wrong. He is trying hard to re-image himself, and he is reflecting on his ordeal. He did everything he could. He committed no crime.”

However, a Major League club official gave a cold evaluation that no club in the league would recruit Bauer unless he is from another alien planet. Another Major League club official also confirmed that “his major career is over. There will be no club that signs a contract.”

The U.S. and Japanese media predict that Bauer is likely to play in Japan again this season

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