SSG U.S. Spring Camp’s New Vitality… Military Triangle “This year will make it a leap year.”

Lee Sung-yong, manager of SSG who transferred from a general manager to a manager of a professional baseball league, emphasizes harmony. This is why the spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida often presents a friendly atmosphere. Infielders Kim Chang-pyeong (24), Kim Sung-min (23), and pitcher Cho Byung-hun (22) are considered the vitals of the SSG spring camp. They both returned after serving in the military last year. The spring camp is a stage where fierce competition for survival takes place. The three returning players agreed that they will survive the competition.헤라카지노도메인

When he was a high school student, Kim Chang-pyeong was regarded as a highly qualified infield resource, such as serving as a starting shortstop for the national youth team. However, the barriers to professional baseball were high. Since joining the team in 2019, Kim has played mostly as a second baseman and received a poor report card with a batting average of 0.187. He played for two more seasons afterwards, but his overall performance in the three seasons remained at 0.169. Kim has decided to deal with military issues first. He started his military career as a social service worker in January 2022 and was discharged from the military in October last year.

“I didn’t do technical training for a year while serving as a social service worker. Instead, I focused on weight training to build up my strength. The biggest difference before and after joining the army is my physical change. My strength has improved,” said Kim Chang-pyeong, who joined the army for the first time in a long time.

“I have a lot of compliments from people around me,” coach Lee said ahead of the upcoming camp. “I have a lot of compliments from people around me. Sangmu also gave a lot of compliments. I have high expectations for this year’s resources.” Cho was the save king of the Futures League last year. His record in the Futures League last year was 2 wins and 2 losses, 4 holds, 17 saves, and an ERA of 2.25. Prior to joining the army, his speed only exceeded 145 kilometers per hour, but he managed to keep his balance in Sangmu. The maximum speed of his pitches can now be recorded up to 151 kilometers per hour. Cho was also selected for the 2023 national baseball team of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) in November last year. “As I speed up my pitches, I gain confidence and trust my pitches,” Cho said. “But it is useless if I do not control the ball even at the speed of my pitches, I will pay more attention to my ball control during the camp.”

Kim Sung-min completed his military service as an active player. He was evaluated as a big hitter infielder when he was in Gyeonggi High School, but he couldn’t use his strength in the professional league. He spent a lot of time in the Futures League, and he decided to join the active service. He built himself steadily during his military service, and was impressed by the coaching staff at the team’s closing camp last year. Kim Sung-min said, “I was desperate about baseball while in the military. I asked him to do it desperately when I was discharged, but he was 3cm tall. I have a lot of seriousness about baseball.”

Lee, who emphasized communication along with harmony, is watching the trio of returning fighters in training with satisfaction. Rather than revealing shortcomings, Lee spends more time complimenting their strengths. Compliments make whales dance, too. “I will become a player who can steal bases anytime while getting on base this year,” Kim Chang-pyeong said. “I will do my best to become the mainstay of the team regardless of the role of the team.” Kim Seong-min also stressed, “I have gained a lot of confidence. I will make a leap forward this year.”

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