“In the last game, last time at bat,” KIA Kim Do-young thanked 34-year-old shortstop again and again… Bat Eun-in’s ‘storm touched.’

Kia infielder Kim Do-young (20) has the so-called “bat benefactor.” He is not a senior at Kia. He is Kim Sang-soo (34), a shortstop for the KT Wiz. Lee Bum-ho, the batting coach, gave Kim a bat from his parent company, and the bat was used, but the damage was good, and he later received it himself as a gift. He has already made custom-made bat after receiving a sample of the bat in question this season as well.

Everyone has a bat that suits him well. Kim returned from rehabilitation in late June after suffering a metatarsal injury, and started using Kim Sang-soo’s bat, which gained momentum. “I hit it once or twice, and the result was good,” Kim said when I met him at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia on Sunday (Korea time). “I thought, ‘Oh, this is the right bat for me.’ I thought I should keep using it.”라바카지노도메인

However, the bat in question broke. It seems that Kim’s sad story was conveyed to Kim. Kim was extremely moved. Kim visited Kim in person and presented the same bat to the two teams’ showdown in Gwangju.

Kim Do-young said, “I was so thankful to Sang-soo at the time. I called him and thanked him again later.” However, the joy did not last long. He performed very well with four hits in five at-bats against the NC Dinos in Gwangju on Oct. 17, 2023, but he broke his bat again in his last at-bat.

Kim participated in the Asia Professional Baseball Championship after the season. Of course, he wanted to take the bat, but he must have felt sorry to ask Kim Sang-soo again. He had no choice but to take another bat. Kim confessed to batting coach Lee Bum-ho that he felt uncomfortable because the bat was not right for him.

Batting coach Lee Bum-ho and Kim Do-young had a discussion at the dugout of the third base at Nara Bunda Ball Park on the 10th. After hearing Kim’s story, Lee smiled and said, “You have to try this and that when you are young. Then you have to find a bat that suits you.” He said it is not desirable for Kim Do-young, who is younger than him, to cover up his bat already. In other words, a batter who hits a batter no matter what bat he uses is a pinch hitter.

But that’s not the end of the story. Kim Sang-soo is said to have heard of Kim Do-young’s story again. This time, he delivered the sample bat to Kim Do-young to help her order and make it. “Sang-soo only had one bat left,” Kim said.

Kim Do-young was diagnosed with a ruptured ligament and scapular fracture in his left midgastric joint for four months after hitting first base in the extended game against Japan at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship on Nov. 19. He cannot hold a bat at all in Canberra.

The team will engage in batting training starting from the Okinawa camp, and if the team uses a custom-made bat with Kim Sang-soo’s help, it will increase efficiency. However, coach Lee Bum-ho’s advice should also be taken into consideration. According to Kim Do-young, coach Lee usually distributes bats given to other players as gifts to young KIA batters. This can be interpreted as his consideration to encounter various bats.

To Kim, Kim Sang-soo is a great admirer of the bat. Kim Sang-soo’s “senior beauty” is amazing. “I received a bat from coach Lee Bum-ho to Jang Sung-woo (KT) and Kim Hyun-soo (LG). Thank you so much,” Kim said.

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