“I want to be with my colleagues for next year’s Lunar New Year’s Day.” Foreigners’ ‘meaningful’ comment on ‘last place in annual salary’ cost-effectiveness

Many players in the KBO League may not have many memories of Lunar New Year’s Day with their families. February is a period when professional baseball players build their bodies in earnest in spring camps. Players who are baseball’s profession cannot let this period go. It is time to nourish one year of farming. It is a pain that cannot be spent with family, but you have to endure it.룸알바

So teams organize various events at campsites during the Lunar New Year. They provide tteokguk (rice cake soup) to players and relieve stress by playing folk games such as yutnori.

The same was true of Kiwoom Heroes, who set up a camp in Arizona, the U.S. On Lunar New Year’s Day, Kiwoom served its players rice cake soup and various holiday foods as a special meal. While eating together, the team exchanged New Year’s greetings.

After the training, there was also a fun yutnori competition. It’s no fun if you just do it. Coach Hong Won-ki raised $500 in prize money with his own money. After fierce competition, the on-site staff team beat the fielder team to win the final championship.

This landscape is unfamiliar but interesting to foreign players. Dawson, a foreign hitter who joined the club as a substitute during the last season, said, “I heard that the Lunar New Year is a very special holiday for Koreans. I was happy and happy as I was with my teammates on a meaningful day. I also want to spend next year’s Lunar New Year holiday with them.” Such a meaningful comment. He expressed his commitment to renewing his contract. Dawson hit the jackpot by wearing a Kiwoom uniform at a cheap price of 85,000 U.S. dollars last year. He paid 600,000 dollars for this season. The lowest price among foreign players in 10 teams. However, Kiwoom expects him to play a big role as a foreign player.

New foreign pitcher Heysus also said, “Yutnori is the most memorable thing. I think I can do better next time. Rice cake soup was delicious. It was a precious time to learn about Korean culture and traditions.”

Kiwoom’s team, which created a holiday atmosphere with rice cake soup and yutnori, will finish its Arizona camp on the 14th and move to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the second camp site, on the 15th.

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