Samsung, the icon of hell training, lost 4-10 despite income of ‘Kim Ji-chan 2 hits’ and ‘Park Kwon-hoo 2 scoreless innings’

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man confidently announced a “hellish training” this year, which marks the second year following his official inauguration. As the “three-day break” became commonplace, he spent the first 10 days of his four-day break from the training. The team checks the results of many training sessions in a shorter period than other teams. He played in his first practice match on Wednesday. He lost the game, but some players stood out.

The Samsung Lions played a practice game against the Chunichi Dragons, a member of the Central League of the Japanese pro baseball, at Onnason Akama Stadium in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, on Wednesday, and lost the game 4-10. The Lions allowed eight runs without scoring a point in the first and second innings, giving up the lead from the beginning. Still, the Lions did not lose a point from the third inning to the sixth inning, and trailed by three runs, without being unilaterally beaten.라바카지노주소

Hwang Dong-jae, who started the game, ended his first game unfortunately as he allowed only five runs (three earned) on two hits, four walks, and two innings. He handled Rintaro Tsujimoto, his first batter, as a fly ball to the left field with two balls, but sent out runners one after another. He was hit to the left by Masami Ishigaki, and gave up consecutive walks to Shuhei Takahashi and Takaya Ishikawa, putting the bases loaded. With the bases loaded with one out, shortstop Kim Dong-gun’s error came out when Kosuke Ukai hit a ball, and the first run was scored. Hwang gave up five runs by allowing a push-off walk, wild pitch, and a timely hit.

Lee Seung-min, the second pitcher, gave up a three-run homer to Yutaro Itayama in the second inning, giving up many runs at once. It was all the more painful because he hit a long hit after two outs. Still, he didn’t shake any more and ended the inning by catching Toki Hiwatari with a fly ball. In the third inning, Ryunosuke Yamasa, the first batter, gave up a hit, but he caught all of the next three batters and blocked further runs.

Then came Park Kwon-hoo, one of the most outstanding two-top players on the mound. With the start of the fourth inning, Park faced Takahashi, the third batter, and grounded out to the first base. He gave up a walk to Ukai, but caught the next two batters with a fly ball. In the fifth inning, he led Samsung to the first three outs among its defensive innings.

Park finished two innings on 29 pitches with no hit and one walk and no run. After the game, a Samsung official said, “It was my first time at the spring camp, but I pitched without paying much attention because it was baseball that I played every day. I pitched well today, but the process was not good. I gave a walk to the first batter (the second batter in the record) and my pitching balance was not good. I will prepare well to satisfy both the process and the result in the next game.”

Fourth pitcher Kim Seo-joon was also in charge of two innings. He retired with three outs in the sixth inning, but had hits consecutively after allowing runners to the left field due to errors in the seventh inning with one out. When he gave up a double to Hiwatari, he allowed both runners in. Last pitcher Hong Seung-won displayed impressive pitching by recording three strikeouts, including two in the eighth inning and one in the ninth inning.

▲ Kim Ji-chan ⓒ Samsung Lions

Samsung’s first hitter Kim Ji-chan, who allowed five runs from the top of the first inning but appeared in the bottom of the first inning, fired a hit to the right field off the opponent team’s starting pitcher Daisei Isimori. Then at his second at-bat in the third inning, he hit a double as the leadoff hitter against Ueda Kotaro, creating an opportunity to counterattack. Samsung recovered three runs against Ueda. Kim took the batter’s box three times, and successfully got on base 100 percent with multiple hits and one walk. Samsung recovered one more run due to Kim Young-woong’s double and opponent’s error in the eighth inning.

He was completely defeated in the first game of the Hell Training Season 2. “It was the first practice game of the Spring Camp. As I have been training every day, I still have lost sense of practice,” coach Park Jin-man said after the game. “From now on, I will enhance my sense of practice through practice games and help identify deficiencies and make up for them.” The Samsung Lions will hold a total of 11 matches including the Nippon-Ham Fighters match on June 12 and the Blue and White match on June 4. The team had four matches with the Japanese professional baseball team in the first week of the match.

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