“Twins Killer,” a group of wizards, will challenge for league ratings in 2024, “not only LG, but also other teams will be evenly strong.”

The Twins Killer, a group of wizards, will challenge the KBO league in the 2024 season. KT WIZ pitcher Wes Benjamin expressed his determination to achieve good performance against all the teams by banking on his sharper changeups and sliders. Due to the lack of left-handers on the mound, his performance in the KT season is also expected to affect his performance.룸알바

Benjamin, who joined KT in the middle of the 2022 season and entered the KBO League, played his first full-time season in the 2023 season. Benjamin pitched in 29 games (160 innings) in the 2023 season, recording 15 wins and six losses with an ERA of 3.54 157 strikeouts and 45 walks with 11 quality starts in WHIP. Benjamin pitched in the playoffs (one loss in two games, seven strikeouts and no outs in 3.60) and the Korean Series (7.20 three strikeouts and two outs in one game).

Benjamin met at the captain’s spring camp on Feb. 12, and said, “I was disappointed that my physical condition was good from the beginning of the season last year, but it was not maintained until the end of the season. I think I can gain more confidence in this season by making up for what I lacked last year.”

Benjamin was an “enemy” in the 2023 season, especially against LG. Benjamin displayed an amazing performance in five games against LG in the 2023 season with four wins, 30 strikeouts and three walks. However, it was a great disappointment as the team lost to LG in the Korean Series.

Benjamin said, “Last year, LG was a really strong team. It was a pity to lose the Korean Series, but everyone would know that LG was a good team. It was a pity that our team did not perform 100 percent of the game as too many players were injured from the beginning of last year’s season. I hope that our team will be in a higher position this season. Personally, it is a strong record for LG, but I will do my best to show such a strong side evenly when dealing with other teams.”

In the third year of the KBO League, Benjamin viewed it as an important task to adjust his change-up and slider movements. He expressed confidence in new changes including automatic ball-strike decision (ABS) and pitch clock.

“I’m trying to sharpen the movement of changeups and sliders in preparation for the new season,” Benjamin said. “My goal is to maintain fastball power that I showed last year throughout the season. I’ve already experienced ABS system and pitch clock in Triple-A of the Minor League in the 2022 season, so I don’t have to worry too much. If the tempo of the game increases that much, it could give me an advantage.”

KT asked foreign pitchers Benjamin and William Cuevas to join the camp after building up their bodies in the U.S. instead of joining the camp immediately on Feb. 1. “I trusted them as both foreign pitchers who have built their bodies well on their own,” a KT source said.

Benjamin joined the captain’s camp as a follow-up runner from Feb. 12 and had a brief training on catch balls. “Last year’s season ended late, so the offseason was short. Thanks to the consideration from the team, I would like to say thank you for taking good care of me and joining the team at a nice facility in front of my house. Looking at them today, I felt that young pitchers in our team have improved. I was so happy and happy to be back with them again,” Benjamin said with a smile.

At the captain’s spring camp on Friday, KT fans visited the site in person and sent messages of support to the players including Benjamin. “It was hard to meet Korean fans in Arizona, but it was so nice to meet Suwon fans like this in captaincy. I think our fans are the best fans in the KBO League. I want to repay them by winning the championship title this season,” Benjamin said.

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